A Blog Without Comments Is Not a Blog

It seems like a great deal of your issue can be solved simply by having blog’s comments be threaded (hierarchically, etc).

I never quite understood why the default format for most blogs on earth is a simple string of comments without any indication as to who is replying to whom.

I tried a couple wordpress plugins to do just that, but never found one satisfactory, and I generally hate touching wordpress anyway.

My 2 cents.


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Hear, hear!

I especially hate when author is either posting some controversial post, or a post is essentially asking for advice… and have comments disable. The latter (post looks like question to readers, but no easily visible way to add comments) is very frustrating.

I fully appreciate comments in blogs. I would just like to know how Jeff Atwood or anyone else who has hundreds (or thousands?) of blog posts to their name is physically able to read every single comment (forever and ever) and still have time to sleep more than about 2 hours a day. Isn’t that like hundreds and hundreds of comments every day that Jeff has to trudge through? That sounds kinda like a full time job in itself.

What’s your secret, Jeff? Have you cloned yourself? Have you coded artificially intelligent blog comment answering agents? Thanks in advance for reading this comment and responding to it, because Lord knows that I will most likely forget to come back later to check for a response. :slight_smile:


To the person who wondered why I would decry spam and then give out my contact info: because I make my living being easy to contact. Spam that comes to me via email is nicely filtered by other agents. Spam that comes to me via blog is not filtered except by me.

Thank you…

“Are you really comfortable saying, in effect, unless you have a blog I am not interested in what you have to say? Because I’m not” Actually, I am. Very much so. I do not care about what wandom people have to say about my opinions. I just like forming and expressing them.

Hey, my comment is here!!

Sorry kid, but BY DEFINITION, it is a blog even if there are no comments. Sorry that doesn’t suit your defensive and argumentative nature, but you don’t get the change the definition of words to pressure people into appeasing your desires. Your entire argument is invalid. Get a dictionary, child.

Also, no one expects you to create a new blog just to disagree with theirs. Normal, healthy people shrug and move on with their lives when they see someone having the audacity to think differently than them; so THAT’S what I expect.

LMAO, a BLOG is a BLOG ofcourse, but is it really ? Just a bunch of stuff you wrote/made up without opinions or ability for someone to intervene so yes, comments would make a COMPLETE blog. Not that a Blog without Comments in no blog.

You are repeating the same point I just refuted. A blog without comments is a blog. Yes, really. Look up “blog” if you need some help, kid. The quality or value of such a blog is a matter of personal opinion.

“Not a complete blog”? Fair enough…if I get to decide that a blog lacking /any/ feature my ideal blog would have is “incomplete”. You don’t get to decide where that line is drawn.

A blog is a blog. If you have certain opinions about certain blogs or certain things bloggers do, fine, but stop convoluting objective definitions.

Also, this obsession with “intervening” and generally being argumentative is quite disturbing. Different blogs have different purposes; debate is a specific purpose that simply not all blogs serve. Same way not all blogs have music on them. And frankly, you should be able to read something you disagree with without /needing/ to refute it. However, conversing with multiple people a day when you’re balancing an actual life is unnecessarily time-consuming. If the purpose of your blog is to share your thoughts, and discussion isn’t something you /particularly desire/, then disabling comments avoids unnecessary clutter. And you’re not forcing your opinions on anyone (as a narcissist like you seems obsessed with doing); people can freely decide whether or not your blog is worth their attention.

The internet is not as serious as you think it is, and there is a time and place for debate. Not everyone’s blog is that time or place. No, not even if you want it to be, Your Highness.

I’m wondering what comment system is being used on codinghorror, but it’s awsome.
I saw this same system on several websites lately (OVH, Korben…) and I’d like to give it a try myself. I tried to google it but still can’t figured it out.

Leo Babauta guideline is not to allow comments, which give a very minimalistic result.
I understand him, but I like commenting very much, I think it adds value, and make website more lively.

it’s https://discourse.org


Discourse, that’s exactly it !
I was googling like crazy for hours “comment blog timeline continue discussion”.

I am speachless.
I get the answer from the creator of this crazy-good digital product.
I didn’t even know it was related with coding horror…
I came here by any chance from that article on dev.to

I can’t believe Jeff Atwood created StackOverflow, StackExchange, CodingHorror, Discourse: that is so cool, so polished, so useful.
You’re a world changer: My upper respect to you, if it means anything.

I am honored.
Thank you very much, have a great great great day.
I’m enlightened.

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is a book without reviews still a book?

how about a vlog without video responses, is it still a vlog?

what to say for a river without rain…

when really needed, a new name will catch on.

meanwhile we can keep on trying to come up with one.

i like “lidae” as a mix of “living idea”, which need cycles to survive through the life and death of many bodies in the middle.

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