A Democracy of Netbooks

voyante : seems like useful i love it It’s definitely usable for emergency development in a pinch

"I upgraded mine to 4GB RAM, which is its theoretical max. That was the other reason I chose the Acer 1410. Most other netbooks are only capable of 2GB RAM."
That is because the Acer 1410 is a higher-end netbook with a Core 2 CULV processor. The Atom memory controllers mostly only support 2GB of RAM.

  1. apple profit margins, you are absolutely right.

  2. bloated macos? not so much.

  3. atom cpu underpowered? not so much.

I run 10.6.2 on a Dell mini 10v with 1G ram and a 16G ssd (and a 1.6GHz atom). It is not exactly a speed demon but it is totally usable. ajax-heavy web apps (zimbra webmail) are fine in safari. Youtube works with basic resolution. VLC can handle 654x352 xvid video; haven’t tried h.264.

This for $280. $250 with an 8G SSD or a spinning disk.

This is plenty of computer for LOTS of people. Including me, much of the time.

There are fast netbooks.
Consider the Alienware: m11x

primary graphics card:1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 335M
ranks as #46 out of all Notebook graphics cards (including SLI cards)
two graphics cards: one for gaming, one for battery life (when you want 6-8 hours of battery life)
Core 2 Duo processor
upto 8GB of Ram
#Unfortunately no CD drive, but why do you really need one in the age of: USB and downloadable software?

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I originally was a big fan of Netbooks, but all that they lack has been quite a downfall in my eyes. The coming of the tablet device offers more in way of features, functionality, and overall computing power i believe the Netbook will die out as quickly as it arrived.

Here is another great post on this topic: Dell 3130cn Info

I’ve been using Nokia’s communicators for years.

After the invasion of netbooks I found Communicators too expensive, too small to work with, too big to jog with, too heavy to carry without a carrier and too light to throw far enough…

You can say I was a heavy user of Communicators (with seven of them on a row).

Now I’m happy with my two netbooks which I got for a price equal to one (or 1/2 of a) Communicator!

I’m still (as a Finnish) waiting for a possibility to get a iPhone - without having to tie me to the local Operator (Sonera).

  • When asked “What’s the secret behind You being able to conquer the smarphone markets with one single model?” Steve Jobs answered after thinking it awhile: “You just have to care”.

  • I agree, but how does this “tieing consumers to particular operators” fit to really careing of the demands and problems of the consumers?

Its very nice notebook.Netbooks are the endpoint of four decades of computing.Its very low price, small size, Built-in wifi, 3 USB ports, SD card reader, dual Core 1.2 GHz Intel CULV Celeron processor and 2 GB ram…Its very great.you done a great job…

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Laptops are superior to netbooks. What good does a netbook do me since I prefer a computer with an optical drive. I actually use my optical drive to watch dvds and so on.

I need a practical computer and netbooks are far from practical. There is a reason that I have only seen little kids and old people using netbooks and everyone else using either a laptop or a macbook.

I have no problem with netbooks so as long as the laptops with optical drives will continue to always be made.

Besides, why waste alot of money for a netbook when you could get a cheap laptop for the same price where it will do twice as much as the netbook?

I don’t know which group is more annoying the mac kids or the netbook kids.

There are phones out there running Linux where you can install basically any software you want. Take the Nokia N900. It will run will run many flavors of Linux most of which have ported nearly all their packages to the arm processor.