A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Dare Obasanjo recently wrote about the failure of Kuro5hin, which was originally designed to address perceived problems with the slashdot model:

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software with social components

Like a blog? :slight_smile: Was there a specific incident or site that inspired your thoughts on this?

No one particular incident inspired that post, other than noting that Dare’s problems with Kuro5hin were really the same problems Communitree had in 1978. Computers may change, but people don’t.

I guess the problems with comment spam are probably the closest analog for blogs. You have to wonder why Movable Type (for example) didn’t ship out of the box with some fairly comprehensive comment abuse protection-- identity, throttling, keyword blocking, etcetera. All added much later after the fact, and that was clearly an oversight for a company building social software.

Blogs with comments off definitely aren’t social software, though. Not even really a blog at that point, IMO.

People are bastard coated bastards with bastard

And extra bastard sprinkles.

i do like that quote.

Maybe when a site gets too restrictive, or cumbersome, or too full of whatever, it’s time to move to a new site. Of course you lose your “community”.

Kind of like changing email programs, or computers, or offices. If it is really important, you will take the trouble to carry it to the new one.

Kind of like digital archives. Eventually whatever media you used becomes obsolete, so you move to new media. The bad thing is if you do not transfer all your archives from the old media to the new, you lose it. The good thing is if you do not transfer your old data, it goes away, and you do not have to worry about it anymore.

So I entered a comment, and where it asks for a URL, I put in the address of my (brand new) blog. And my comment was rejected due to “questionable content”. What gives?

Blog address:

LOL at Bastard quote !

Reminds me of how myspace is now a giant advertising tool. Which, hey, I’m guilty of using.

have you considered race-specific behavior in such situations?

I believe you’d have to account for a LOT of things when your app reach a global audience and not just people in your country.

re. “race-specific behavior”

oh dear Chakrit, I think you might mean social-group-specific behaviour, as it is how people act based on the rule structure they live by / react to, not their racial background, that is the determining factor here.

Ideally moderators should come from all the social and cultural groups that members do.