A need for speed-- and silence

Wondering which browser is fastest? These guys ran browser speed tests across an impressive array of operating systems. The hardware used is mildly obsolete by today's standards-- an 800mhz P3 with 256mb of RAM-- but there's no reason to think the benchmark results wouldn't scale to faster machines:

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Odd you should mention that, I just ordered a Pentium M system (CPU + mobo) yesterday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Dothan – ~19 watts max heat dissipation for the equivalent of 2500+ performance. That’s amazing.

Opera is 'orrible at standards compliance tho. Good luck getting onload() scripts to run in that browser (on windows anyways).

Tricking it the way asp.net does with RegisterStartupScript() doesn’t help too much.

I’m waiting for a Windows MCE machine that uses a Pentium M so I can finally have a cheap(ish) MCE machine that doesn’t sound like a 747 taking off!

Many google apps have easy client side fixes using userjs etc. It would seem that google does not even try to get Opera compatability, and that would also explain why it often has none.