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Hi everyone, i’m so surprised at the resilience of this post, I figure i’d test it one more time and throw this question out there. First of all, I should point out that 95 percent of my programming has been based on making video games as this is what I wish to pursue. What I would like to know is should I include my code in my port folio? I’ve sort of been sticking with the idea that the finish product (a playable game, usable feature or engine part) shows ability, plus i’m reluctant to put code I’ve worked hard on onto the all mighty internet. In an interview situation i’d have no problem showing any code, or discussing anything at length.

Perhaps there is a way to share my code through the internet in a less public manner than how I currently have my portfolio set up here: https://www.behance.net/lukemcintosh

Anyways, it would be interesting to me to know what anyone thinks. Are my reservation unnecessary? Thanks in advance!


Bill Lovett’s site ilovett.com was the inspiration for me to do one. Since I’m no game designer and I can’t even say I have any thing with a visible UI (most of my stuff is deep in the backend)

Anyway here is my portfolio


And the trials and tribulations (more coming):

The sources


Looks good, but I don’t understand why you had the Adobe icon on the top right.

For code, just pick and choose the ones you are willing to show on Github, otherwise don’t bother showing it (I doubt anyone is going to read it unless they need to, what’s more important is the fact that you show you HAVE code).


I love your portfolio website. How much traffic do you get to your site? Have you gotten a lot freelance offers from traffic on your site?


thanks I don’t really get any :slight_smile: but it won’t stop me from playing around.
Traffic is not that high in that a raspberry pi 3 is sufficient. That and I am pretty expensive but not overpriced :slight_smile:


Hey Kevin - so 13 years in, how’s it gone… did the portfolio help you with your career progress? Any tips for aspiring Coders out there looking to do the same… :slight_smile:


Another thing I recently did which I found to be a bit difficult is the one-page resume especially after having many years of work. https://trajano.net/2017/02/developing-my-one-page-resume/ with a direct link here https://trajano.net/assets/Archimedes%20Trajano.pdf