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Adventures in Rechargeable Batteries


forgot to write: yes I do prefer more programming-based content, but this is good brain-trainging too.


I think the only place where I’d see a benefit with rechargeable batteries is at work, in my mediocre “noise-cancelling” headphones. The only other battery-operated gadgets I can think of are:

  • Remote controls (self-discharge kills it)
  • LED or MAG lights (used so infrequently that self-discharge is a problem here too)
  • Digicam (uses its own special battery pack)
  • Cordless phones and cell (use their own batteries/chargers)
  • Various tools like laser levels and stud finders, again used infrequently

I think that’s it. What else takes batteries? The only thing I can think of that really rips through batteries is a portable audio player, and since I don’t take the bus, I don’t need one of those.

Oh and josh, it’s actually not like putting a moped motor in a pickup, it’s more like filling the gas tank 1/3 of the way. It’ll run perfectly fine, you’ll just have to refill it sooner.


Nice article :).

It’s amazing how much of our lives could be dramatically improved if all the best technology was widespread.

~Jason (stalepretzel)


I’m amazed that so many people still buy disposable batteries. Myself and my family are a few of the culprits. It’s just not convenient to have to re-charge batteries after re-use, it’s so much easier just to throw them in a drawer and make others figure out whether or not they have any juice left in them ;D. On a more serious note though, this has woken me up to just how much re-chargable batteries would save in the long run.


You had me laugh at enjoys recharging batteries.


2017-update - what is the recommended smart charger nowadays? Preferably one with more than 4 slots.


I just upgraded to these, I should update this blog post too!