All About My Cats!

Update 4/2/2007: In case it wasn't clear, the topic of this post is part an April fool's joke. Yes, those are our cats, and I love them to death, but I hope cat blogging is the last thing you'd expect from me. The other part was a wholesale switch to the most obnoxious advertisements I could find on the front page of this blog. If you didn't get to see it, check out a screenshot. A static screenshot doesn't do the blinking, flashing, and live video (with sound!) justice, but it's nothing you haven't seen before elsewhere. Unfortunately.

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brilliant. simply brilliant.

What, no spyware scan popups? :stuck_out_tongue:

3 the kitties!

Awww your cats are adorable! I’m not a programmer, but my boyfriend is! He gave me the link to this blog when he saw you were talking about your cats. I Love cats (and all animals, but I find cats suit my personality better!) We also own two cats, both are long haired so I hear ya about vaccuuming! And like Elsie, our Tiana loves to open cupboards, closets, wardropes and hide in them! I laughed when you talked about child locks! We bought them too (but have yet to install them!).

Cute cat! I like this cats. =]
hehe, It’s Best April Fool Joke that I seed today.
(Sorry my english, I’m to tired to remember how to spell some words…)

I am an animal lover too, especially cats. I think I love cats the most when they are tenderly cooked in a crock pot, bathed in zesty seasonings and smothered in my favorite barbeque sauce. I guess I would avoid eating them if I had a problem with rodents, because at that point they would be somewhat useful. Other than that, they are pretty much large rats. If I had a choice between eating a cow and a cat, I would probably choose the cat because cattle are SOOO cute!

Sorry Jeff, I read your blog regularly, and the ads not only pissed me off, they were crashing my preferred browser. I figured you were hacked, or were making some sort of traffic point and completely missed the April Fools aspect until reading the comments. Hope you take the ads out of this entry tomorrow.

Pets are amazing companions. I encourage you to visit your local
animal rescue shelter and adopt a pet of your own.

Too dangerous:

cute. I have a dog (from a rescure home) a cat. The cat came first and I sometimes wish that I’d just stuck to the cat! It’s not much fun taking the dog out for a walk and getting caught in a downpour :frowning:

Off on a tangent: was your site hacked or was it an April Fools joke? If the latter, it had me fooled.

If you came to this entry directly, be sure to visit the main page today, too.

Haha cice selection ! I think the Condoleza Rice poll tops it all by its absurdity.

What’s with all the adds Jeff?

Yeah, i thought you had forgotten to renew your domain name and someone managed to stole it or something.

Yup, got me fooled too.

Looks like your new ads are trying to spoof Adblock Plus. When I try to Block Link, it shows something like the Wikipedia address with “/April Fool’s Day” tacked on. I had to block all of them with just Block Image.

Sorry to see you had to add ads.

great article as usual. Made my day.

Btw, first ads if seen since using AdBlockPlus.

yay cat posts.

Now you just need to lolcats them up:

lol, great prank Jeff :slight_smile:

It’s April 1st folks. You know, “April Fools Day”. The ads are obviously a prank.

…so for April Fools you decided to mirror CuteOverload? :wink:

TMI, not about the cats but about you only vacuuming once a month!