All About My Cats!

I was expecting some sort of April Fool’s joke on my various regular Web sites and Jeff’s was the only one that came through for me.

Way to go! This was funny stuff, Jeff; I am amazed at how people’s hatred of advertising almost made them miss the joke.

I like some of the articles that you post, however I must remove this site from my favorites, and never again visit. The problem comes from you having far too many adds. Yes I know you want to have the site pay for itself, and maybe make a buck. However there is a huge banner on the left hand side offering me a free tv. It flashes black and white like a strobe, I can’t even begin to take any of the information seriously because that makes your site look like total trash. Any site with this many adds I usually disregard as garbage. I suggest you pick and choose who you advertise for, the adds you choose represent who you are, and what you are presenting to the public.

After writing my earlier comment about your ads and Adblock Plus, I got up and performed my morning ablutions. During the process, my brain cell finally fired and I figured out that it was an April Fools joke. But, Jeff, for a joke to be funny, it has to be sprung. Most people will either passively ignore an ad or actively defeat it. Only a very small minority will be “caught” by it. After all, when Bart Simpson put Homer’s beer into the paint mixing machine and then put it back in the refrigerator as a prank (darn, that was funny), the resulting nuclear explosion made it obvious that a joke had been sprung. If he had done something with liver or broccoli instead, Homer would have just ignored it and the joke would have fizzled.

Anyway, “ha, ha.”

as my wife will want to know, are the cats fixed?

Good one! :slight_smile:
Man, I hope some of these people realize it was April Fools day… maybe they are playing a joke too! optimism

Can’t talk now, Mr. Man says I need to buy this miracle belt thingy to tone my abs.

Very funny with the ads. Except i almost bought something. LOL, i just noticed another commenter with the same problem.

It was an obvious April Fool’s Joke, because it lacks the btrademark, passive agressive bolding/b.

… you have to be careful with jokes, my first reaction was - crap, he’s gone to the dark side, guess I can knock this one off the bookmarks list - I’m out of here.

glad I decided to read the comments, I’d hate to have to give up my daily read :frowning:

adds really are ugly.


were do I go to pick up the plasma I won? mail me the $20 I caught that monkey,I have adopted dog’s and a cat and the 8 lbs cat boss’s the 165 lbs mastiff and they both go for walks together.

It should have stayed in bed but I just had read your blog now I feel so ashamed?? were are all fixed.Thanks for asking.

Keep up the Great work,

No, you don’t understand… have you not been paying attention to his previous few posts about bandwidth… THIS IS REAL!!! The ads are taking over! twiddles thumbs while wearing an aluminum hat

Last night (this morning I guess) after midnight I navigated here and got a 404 not found. I thought that was the joke :slight_smile:

Haha april fools very funny.

You had me for a minute or two with the ads and all.

That’s pretty clever. :slight_smile:

So was the post about the cats true? I used to think cats were attention starved when I was trying to use my computer. Then I had kids…

Proud owner/parent of…

4 shetland sheepdogs - 2 of which are rescues
2 cats
4 guinea pigs - 1 of which is a rescue, and 2 of which were gestating in the rescue when we adopted her
2 turtles
1 toddler boy
1 infant boy

Wait, it’s a joke? But I really do want firm, tight, strong, toned, abs! Where do I send my money?

What? An april fool’s prank? You mean those abs aren’t yours Jeff??

“as my wife will want to know, are the cats fixed?”

Fixed? They seem to be working just fine to me!

How successful were the adverts? Did you make much money? I’m worried that they could come back!

Fish are the ultimate pet for the truly lazy. Bob and Cornelius Maximus Wilmington the 4th, our goldfish, rock!

Your cats are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

And the joke with advertising was cool too.

I can’t overestimate how much ad-killers of the firewall and browser help! Sometimes for special very rare occasions I switch them off, and when I forget to switch them back on and go to the web, it’s a real shock!