C# implementation of ASCII85

As promised, here is my C# implementation of the ASCII85 algorithm. This code is a loose port of the C sample referenced from the Wikipedia page. It's too much code to paste into a single entry, so I packaged it as a VS.NET 2003 solution -- using Clean Sources Plus, of course!

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Hey Atwood, you are a real nerd. Just kidding. This is Will from the office.

Thank you for this code which i found on the wikipedia, I was looking for a while on how to create the encoder.


Hi! I’m using a small glitch in your code, to illustrate the benefits of stateless (functional) programming. To play fair, I’d better let you know about it :-). The link in question is http://blog.wezeku.com/2010/07/01/f-ascii85-module/

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The URL to Clean Sources Plus has broken (presumably with a blog migration), so other Google arrivals might be interested to find it at https://blog.codinghorror.com/clean-sources-plus/ :slight_smile:

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