Changing the Windows XP Boot Screen

We're in the middle of an after-hours MAME arcade project at work*. As one of the final fit and finish steps, I did a bit of research on how to replace the default Windows XP boot screen with something a little more arcade-y. I came up with StarDock's excellent BootSkin:

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Also, one tip: make sure your progressbar and the screen share the same 16 color palette. If you don’t, it’ll preview fine in BootSkin, but it will look completely different during boot!

I’ve downloaded a few bootskins that had this problem.

Cool. All I was looking for was how to make your own bootskin in BootSkin. Anyhow, time to make the BSoD my bootup screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used this program off and on and have had many problems with it.

yeah, actually, upon further use, i found it doesn’t work so nice. Hey, google Flyakite. That is the koolest transformation pack ever

it never works for me everytime i got to restart the computer it goes to the bootscreen but then it pops up a blue screen and says something and says i half to turn off my computer and then i half to load it in safe mode to get on my computer

i had the same blue-screen issue with this program. Had to restore last known good configuration.

bootskin does not contain the option for you to create your own, just import skins - how does it work

Hi I tried this software and now my pc doesn’t boot anymore. I was using this ( bootskin.
Luckily I made some backups of my important files 2 days ago.

I’ve used this software for 6 months and I have never had a problem with it. I change my boot screen once a month with no worries. Maybe it’s your configuration.

Hi all. I tried BootSkin both old and new versions and had nothing but problems. I tried both the skins built in, and importing my own as per the how too’s here on making your own boot skins, and on reboot my Windows XP Pro SP2 goes into a endless rebooting loop over and over.

Tried to debug the problem on my end with no luck. Going into safe mode and uninstalling BootSkin stopped the rebooting loop problem.

I also tried going in old school style and used resource hacker to find out nothing works, but a nice blank screen while booting. Where is the same hack worked like a charm in Windows 2000??? I’m puzzled over this one.

I even tried using the forward slash noguiboot command in BOOT.INI , and nothing worked.

If I was to rate this software from 1 to 10, ten meaning the best. It would get a ONE. Just didn’t work for me.

Glad it works for all you out there. I envy you all. (^_^)