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Choosing Your Own Adventure


good luck, Jeff


You should try vlogging and participate in the YouTube community. I’ve just returned from a Carnival cruise with YouTube vloggers. It was a fantastic vacation! If you are made a YouTube Partner you will even get paid for vlogging. I just like the colorful characters in the community so I chat with them for fun. So far it has been the ultimate adventure.


Good luck Jeff!

Even if failure is an option you can always count on us, your readers who keep on reading you up. I really hope you can earn a pretty good living out of your blog …come to think of it if your advertisements are not intrusive nobody will have a problem with them!

Great luck on your new adventure!


Good Luck Jeff! We’re gonna miss you here; in the sunny Spain that is. :wink:


Karl says: XYZZY


Hey Jeff, That was a pretty good analogy. I think you have a real talent for breaking things down in a unique way like that.

I myself had to make a simillar decision recently. I had worked on a small startup project pro-bono about 7 years ago with the hope that it may blossom one day. It came for me and I decided to leave my old job and haven’t looked back, its been great.

The thing is that sometimes “someday” acutally may come and at that point you have to decide to shit or get of the pot, it sounds like you decided to take a shit. Congrats.


Good luck Jeff! Hope page 10 holds tons of $!!


Good luck, Jeff! Can’t wait to see what you build.


I’m a programmer, and I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented. I guess this is as good a time as any to do so.

Good luck, man. For what it’s worth, I think you’ll do great. All the best.


All the best Jeff!

My friend was raving about an APress book by Bob Walsh called “Micro ISV: From Vision to Reality”. Maybe you might find it useful :slight_smile:



When you mentioned those books some time ago you made me go back in time, so I took a picture of the few I still have at home (the italian edition) after all of this time (and several relocations…):


oh, cool, I am seeing now that you linked that already :slight_smile:


Ah now your talking Jeff, those kind of books (I read some of the UK versions) were excellent.

Good luck for the future.


Good luck Jeff,

let us know if you need any help

Warm regards, Mike


Oh man I use to love those books. Wow that brought back some memories thank you !


Don’t pipe up here often, but just wanted to wish you luck as well!


The good 'ol days of growing up. I read all of those books and loved them. The narrative was compelling and inspirational.


Take care Jeff, and thank you for all your TFS knowledge while at Vertigo.


Jeff, i am a regular reader of your blog. Good luck on your new venture…


Good luck Jeff! I know you’ll do well in your own venture. You’ve been out on your own before and were successful.