Coding Horror on .NET Rocks

It was my great honor to participate in this week's epsiode of .NET Rocks!

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Great interview, Jeff. You speak as eloquently as you write.

Don’t sweat the "you know"s. Way less annoying that the “So” verbal tic that all the Microsoft developers seem to have. :wink:

And not nearly as annoying as saying “like” all the time as our generation likes to.

How many updates, or how long did it take until people started reading your blog.

I started a blog but felt like it was pointless because I didn’t think people would start reading it.

Any tips on starting a blog? (Sorry if you addressed this question in a previous post, I am a fairly new reader here at coding horror)

Good interview by the way :slight_smile:

As someone who has been the sole developer of in-house applications at my day job since before I finished my degree I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation of the name Coding Horror. All-in-all it was a great interview.

I haven’t been reading your blog for long but it’s quickly become one of my favorites.

Jeff, it was a great interview! Very inspiring.

Hi Jeff,

47 minutes in and its good so far, first DNR I’ve listened to (can’t stand the telerik ads). Agree completely with all of it, excellent stuff.


(obligatory Vorbis rant)

4 ways to get the interview in 1 piece with a choice of 4 encodings, and 1 way to get it in 2 pieces with a choice of 2 encodings.

That’s 18 options!

Yet somehow they can’t manage to squeak out a Vorbis encoded version? Vorbis is completely free and unencumbered by patents. It sounds better at equivalent bitrates, and it’s very well supported on many platforms. Vorbis is the audio codec of the free software community.

Keep up the great work, Jeff. Thanks.

And it’s a voice recording, so just how much benefit are you going to get from using Vorbis instead of MP3, AAC, etc.? I love the free software community as much as anybody, but if it’s just a voice recording, I really don’t care what format it’s in. Well, as long as it’s not wax cylinder…

Great interview! I enjoy reading your site very much and it was nice to hear your views. This was the first time I heard DNR so I will be tuning into future episodes as well.

“For some reason, I had trouble opening these links by directly clicking”

Maybe Coding Horror was written in .NET? Just kidding.

Great to hear the voice behind the blog finally. Awesome interview. I like your blog because it’s less focused on the technical details and more focused on the industry itself. I’ve tried to focus my blog in similar ways and your style has certainly influenced mine quite a bit.

Keep up the great work.

Nice job Jeff! Makes me long for the earlier years where I had the opportunity to work with you as a young apprentice!

The reason you may have problems by clicking the links depends on your file associatoins you have set up on your computer.

For example if .wma is set to launch automatically with windows media player then media player will try to open the file, the problem is that media player doesn’t send the http_referrer information so depending on the sites security settings you may or may not actually be able to launch the file that way.

Not only your computer’s file associations… also the ones in the server. Usually, if the extension is not set, it will try to download it as plain text and disply it in the browser…
In my case, the mp3 link opens an embedded quicktime player in firefox

Good interview, Jeff. Much like your blog postings, you came across as clear and reasoned. I don’t always completely agree with your arguments but they are always entertaining and well-prepared. Plus, they help me burn time off the work day, narf!

@howserx: Actually is running off of Movable Type. Jeff is still mulling over whether or not he’ll let me move him to Subtext (a .NET blog engine).

Not that that will necessarily solve his download problem. But it will get him pretty Identicons!

I just finished listening and it is definitely one of my more favorite DNR interviews. I’ve got to say, your blogging is one of the reasons that I wanted to start my own blog. Keep up the good work!

wow, you really like using the phrase “you know” :wink: - especially at the beginning.