Coding Horror Stickers

As I alluded to in the T-Shirt post, Coding Horror stickers have arrived:

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Is there a smaller, coin-sized version? I’d like to have one on my T-40 side on side with Designed for Windows XP sticker :wink:

Where’s the love for your international readers?!?!

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another foreign avid reader disappointed :’(

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I don’t have a Paypal account and am too lazy to try to find out why Paypal will consistenly fail to create me an account.
On the other hand, I have $3 in my wallet that I’ll be happy to send together with a self-addressed envelope.

Should I send it to your Vertigo address or to your home address ? (Note: I don’t know your home address!)


Hi Serge, you can send it to me c/o my Vertigo address.

To the international readers out there: Always look on the bright side of life. You’re only $3 away from the stickers!

  • Serge, yet another int’l reader.

To jeffm - we didn’t get the horse… :slight_smile:

Ah, great. Another foreign reader happy.

Just to keep you busy, how about a refrigerator magnet of the exact same design?

Can you make a link to the vector file, so we (intl’ readers) can print our own stickers.

Thanks for the free sticker offer, Mr. Atwood. (Some of the earlier commenters may want to brush up on the following topic: )

Nice stickers!

Someone should get their entrepreneur on and send stickers overseas for you. And you should charge $5 and make a little bit of pocket to cover your time. Your offer is too generous!

You have a great site and a little cash might keep you from burnout. I’d happily pay today for an article next Tuesday…

I sincerely apologize to my international readers. The problem isn’t the postage, per se, it’s the additional fulfillment effort! It’s going to be a lot of work just for US/Canada.

We’re already at ~275 “free sticker” emails…

That’s mighty kind of you Jeff.

Just hope that you don’t get slashdotted!

I should read your blog in the morning, not at lunch…We’ll if I miss this freebie, I’ll just have to get a shirt. Thx Atwood.


When I read Mike Gunderloy’s Daily Grind entry regarding your free stickers, I knew you were done for.

Damn my international residence!

Now the fun begins. You need to set up an interactive map so that “sticker sightings” can be recorded across the world. Soon you will garner so much fame you can run for office, get elected, help the free world!

Got my sticker, it now adorns my PC laptop. Thanks very much!