Consolas and ClearType

and to ck: Dejavu sans is based on Bitstream vera.

Perfectly solved my problem by setting ClearType

I use Linux a lot at work. I can assure you, there’s no better font than Terminus. It was specifically designed for long work with the console. Unfortunately, it comes in linux bitmap variant only. There’s been an effort to make a TTF variant, but you should judge for yourself is it worth. You can find the windows ttf here

For windows I use consolas with cleartype turned on. But I don’t usually code in windows :slight_smile:

Have you tried the NSimSun font? It’s the fixed width Chinese font that appears when you install the extra fonts for East Asian languages on XP, but it’s really nice for programming. At least, it’s nice on my 1024x768 display with cleartype switched off.

Im trying to find this font:
Any idea?

Im trying to find this font:
a href=""
Any idea?

That’s a sweet font. When you find can you please post it up? :slight_smile:

I only had a quick glance, but the curly braces makes me think it’s Speedy:

Im using Tahoma 8pt proportional (non-fixed width) font with ClearType for coding on Windows and can say that i will never return to fixed width font.

Proggy fonts are too bogus. Try out Dina. set the font size to 9. Make identifiers orange, overall background black with 40 green, blue and red. Change identifiers to grey. Make your comments green, with line numbers lime. Change operators to navy blue.

I hate to be a Simpsons pedant, but this is the second time you’ve linked to that quote, and yet misquoted it. The line is: “My eyes…the goggles do nothing!”

I use Lucida Console, size 7 (1280x1024). Believe me, I try almost every editor for Windows, none of them display it correctly, except my beloved Delphi Editor. I recently have tried Verdana (size 7), characters look great, but I would like to see a MONOSPACED (TTF) version… Any (good) designer can take the challenge?

Good Programming Font Criteria:
(found at:

-Crisp clear characters.
-Extended characterset.
-Good use of whitespace.
-‘l’, ‘1’ and ‘i’ are easily distinguished
-‘0’, ‘o’ and ‘O’ are easily distinguished (slashed zero)
-forward quotes from back quotes are easily distinguished -prefer mirrored appearance
-Clear punctuation characters, especially braces, parenthesis and brackets

Plus my personal criteria: (font designers forget them)

-Character must be based on Verdana, size 7.
-Symbol characters must be centered horizontally and vertically (all axis aligned)
-Must have Normal, Italic, Bold styles with SAME WIDTH for all of them!!!
-Must support size 7!!!
-ClearType support

Some pictures:

Lucida Console (Size 7)

Verdana (Size 7)

sisex_ at hotmail dot com

Some pictures:

Lucida Console (Size 7)

Verdana (Size 7)


Consolas, and run the ClearType Tuner and set the rendering to strongest, and it will be nice, dark, sharp and extremely legible at 8pt, although some might still prefer it at a larger size. 9pt and 10pt are nice too.

See this:

@Valeriu Palos
Seems like an incredibly crappy font in all areas. What are you thinking ?

I can’t believe you’re saying that! I’m not sure what you saw but I find this font far better than the rest! I put a screen-shot for’ya:

Like many others, I like Monaco as my best favorite. My second best favorite is Inconsolata. It’s nice both in a terminal (on the mac at least) and in print.

I find Consolas better for HTML editing compared to programming actually. (aiming/copying+pasting stuff is a real joy with this font.)

ProFont is better for programming (maybe since you need to get a big picture of seeing the entire programming structure at once). But aiming/copying+pasting is hard with small fonts though, and with ProFont in particular, which make Dreamweaver editing a slight disadvantage. When using Consolas for programming, though, the fonts can sometimes feel rather cluttered compared to ProFont’s clarity. But For HTML/XML, it works great. So, I tend to use Consolas for Dreamweaver, and ProFont for programming.

With ClearType, ProFont isn’t too bad, but it’s better without ClearType imo. So, if using both fonts, it would b good to have a quick toggler for turn on/off ClearType.

A comparison between ProFont and Consolas.

Basically Consolas IS better overall, but both scores are pretty much the same anyway so it doesn’t exactly matter.

Somehow, ProFont is better for me personally for the following reasons:

  1. I never liked the idea of tall narrow fonts because it can be harder to quickly aqquire target values/parameters, highlight and copy+paste them since the font is horizontally compresssed already.
  2. I’m more used to wider fonts because they match fonts like Verdana, Courier New, etc., fonts which I’ve been familiar with.
  3. Tall fonts remind me of studying code in programming books, but not writing/typing them. Somehow, wider fonts tend to emphasise a horizontal flow speediness which works well for snippet-style programming.
  4. ProFont brings out the structure and form of any piece of code (no matter how complicated or messy) very well with the chunks, branches, values and parameters easily identifiable and isolated. Consolas (or other narrow-based fonts) tend to be pretty average in this area.

ProFont vs Consolas