Custom wsdlHelpGenerator + webroot = error

Why are the smallest bugs in the .NET framework always the most disproportionately frustrating? Take the wsdlHelpGenerator element, for example. Sure, it seems straightforward enough; you want to replace the default crappy, random hash sorted list of Web Service methods with one that's (shock!) in alphabetical order. I know, it's crazy talk, but bear with me. So you'd...

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I was going to try to be glib and recommend a Response.Redirect, but I thought I’d better look it up first :slight_smile:

This looked important, but I don’t know whether it’s what you’re hitting (the file path bit):


The value of href is a file path, not a URL. The file path can be relative or absolute. If it is relative, it is relative to the location of the configuration file.

I can’t get any combination of path to work when the web service is running at root ( eg ). I’ve tried “file.aspx”, “x”, “/file.aspx”, “\file.aspx”, “(full c drive path)\aspx.” and every other combination. It appears to be a pure bug based on running as root.

Yep, looks that way :frowning:

Ladybug, here we come.

you might try URL rewriting??? /whatever.asmx could be “rewritten” to /projName/whatever.asmx, though this doesn’t really fix the problem.