One of the most amazing gaming experiences I've had in recent memory was playing Introversion Software's Darwinia.

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Darwina is a great game. Its worse quality is that it’s too short!

I was really getting into it, just as it wrapped up.

Oh well :frowning:

Too bad !!! It crashes on my laptop… (travelmate 4500)
The best I can do is to buy a brand new one with a better video card :frowning:

My only qualms about the game is the inability of your units to move around the terrain in a smart fashion. If you send a unit to a point on the other side of a mountain they will inadvertently try to scale it and get stuck half-way up instead of going around.

This goes for most of the terrain, so you literally have to babysit your units for 30 or 40s through some of the more complex terrain paths.

A little bit of shortest path routing would have been nice for the AI in this game, but… even still it is still one of the nicest games I have played in quite a while.

I love this game! =)
I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s not an average game.
Definitely worth the money.