Debugging ASPNET_WP in Production

One of our production web servers keeps deadlocking the ASPNET_WP process, like so:

This is painful. It means the server becomes unvailable for over three minutes, and any pending requests return errors after ASPNET_WP is cycled. The best part is, this happens completely randomly. We can't force it to happen or duplicate it, we just have to wait for it to happen. And it inevitably does, several times per day. We went through all the normal troubleshooting procedures and exhausted them all, which left.. the tough stuff.

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How updated is:
.NET-specific Debugging Tools Download (dbgnetfx.exe)

Checking the linked tools show that all the files are from 2002

While ADPlus.vbs has updated from then and contains -iis flag

Could it be that ADPlus_aspnet.vbs is obsolete by now?

Same go for the document: Production Debugging for .NET Framework Applications

  • For example: ADPlus (2006 version) does not require the bin files