Designing Interactions at IDEO

Recently, Joseph Cooney and a coworker both recommended the book Designing Interactions to me at the same time. A strange confluence of events that's got to be some sort of sign. I immediately ordered the book.

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It’s on my shopping list now…

pI can recommend their latest book without any reservation as well. Excellent read for anyone looking to boost creativity and innovative thinking in their organization. /p

pNot only does it help you identify negative behaviors (e.g. the devil’s advocate), but also helps you identify people within your organization best equipped to fit each of the 10 faces. Total business focus, though, so don’t expect a lot in terms of personal development (beyond determining how you would fit in to their structure)./p

“strictly framing technology in service to people”

sounds a lot like the driving force behind agile. it reminds me, too, of the spirit in domain-driven design. that is, building software is kind of like the design process of ethnography. see: ubiquitous language.

i wonder where you see yourself, day-to-day, on the artist-engineer spectrum. having had the (awesome) experience of working as a developer in a shared space and on the same project with industrial designers i feel a close kinship to that discipline/work-style: charettes, mood boards, iterative, sketching, ethnography, client-driven.

anyway, thanks for the recommendations!


Am I the only one to think those GRiD Computers are sexy.



@Vibhav : Nope. GRiD comps are super sexy. No clam jokes, please.

BTW, there are all chapters available on the website (not all of them have links, though)

That GRID looks exactly like my first laptop. A 286 from 1991(I think) I can’t even remember what make it was. 1M upgradeable to 2M. Amazing the amount of Pascal code that that machine churned out. I think I still have it too (somewhere).

Aivar, that’s hilarious.

This is an amazing book, indeed.