Samurai Shodown II !!!
I loved that game - Cham Cham ftw!
I’m totally going to have to find a MAME rom for it now.

how fast is natively fast to you?
Oss running on VMWare certainly should be ‘indistinguishably’ fast in relatively machines with plenty of ram.


“Is calling someone out for being offensive really equivalent to being offensive?”

Calling someone out for being offensive is not taking the High Moral Ground. And when calling one person out includes describing Rails and OS X as “the platform of choice for douchebags,” I have trouble understanding the fine distinction between whatever David did or didn’t say three years ago and what this post is saying today.

I was looking for a way to say what Reg Braithwaite said first… golden!

As others have pointed out, most Unix tools are available on Windows, so the argument that Unix is a superior development environment because of its toolset falls flat. I think a stronger argument for Unix is what it does not have rather than what it has, though Unix advocates seldom take that position.

Another great post!
Your on a rush this week, keep em comming


And of course, I have difficulty distinguishing between my comment here and Jeff’s post–if I wanted to take the High Moral ground, I would have given Jeff my feedback privately!

sigh…yeah, I can see his point…there’s no OSS for ‘windoze’…except for places like sourceforge, lifehacker, the forum, all my buddies that code and pass around their code…oh, and i can still play halo on my laptop…sigh…i sure wish perl and php ran on windows…oh, wait…THEY DO…sigh…douchebag does seem to sum up the troll doesn’t it…sigh…i guess it really doesn’t matter how old the internet gets; it’s really a question of how ‘old’ the people are that are writing on it…Shakespear was wrong; don’t start with the lawyers…start with the people…but then i guess if you killed everyone you’d end up with only one guy on the planet and there’d be no OSS by definition cuz he wouldn’t be sharing it with anyone cuz he killed them all…sigh…why do i even bother…please Lord Jesus come back soon!

I find the idea that “It’s all relative.” extremely suspicious. I think that people who continue to use Windows surely and objectively have bad taste (, and those are not people that you want to hire.

Started great but fucked up at the end, you just made David’s own mistake: generalization.

Calling douchebags to all RoR developers on a Mac is as bad as David calling all Windows developers “inferior” for not using the “best tools”.

Each developer picks his/her own tools, whatever makes them happy, period.

PS. I had to digg this:

Funnily enough Ruby+Rails - it’s for websites, where the browser is the platform. With websites, without looking at the url or telltale signs in the markup, you’d be hard pressed to tell me what the code is running.

I’ll bet in Ruby you still have to code ugly workarounds for browser differences.

It takes balls and self assurance to have and state an opinion as baldly as the rails faithful do.

It takes even more self assurance and maturity to realize that you’re really not all that and a bag of chips, gracefully admit as much, and move on doing amazing things with whatever platform (cause, field, toolset, os, religion) you’ve chosen.

Think…oh…maybe Lee Iacocca vs. the Dali Lama?


In the end, simply ask yourself: does it WORK? Because “all that other bullsh**t is here today–and gone tomorrow.”

[quoting some song I’ve long forgotten]

The problem here is that people care too much about what other people think of them. So what if somebody thinks you use a shitty development platform? Why do you care what they think? Stop caring!

This blog post makes you look like a whiny little kid. Grow up and stop having a nervous breakdown every time somebody criticizes you.

jeff if i knew you played ss2 i’d gotten together with you for couple rounds back in the day… my ukyo has been undefeated. cough, hmph.

After programming on almost everything from mainframes to windows, linux, and other boxes along the way, I have to say one thing: The only thing that really matters is that the code does what the users want it to do.

An extension of the platform wars by proxy. Cool kids use Macs/OSX; Dorks use Windows. Although Jeff’s terminology usage at the end of his post may offend some, it brings the point across.

Of course, anyone who are addressed with three names must naturally exude doughbaggery.

The difference in platforms is no more important than the difference between colas? That’s sheer intellectual laziness. You should have stuck with the message that diplomacy is a relevant and useful skill.


Great posts. I continue to marvel at your command of this writing format and use you as an example of how to do a blog right.


I’ll concede that there is a sizable portion of the Rubyist/Mac OS community who deeply care about the technology and get pure satisfaction from working on their platform.

In return, please concede that an equal sized group in that community who care nothing about the platform and are just in it for the psychological buzz they get from feeling superior than others. It is the geek version of high fashion.

The trick is figuring out a way to sort out who belogns in which group, because the pure passionate ones enrich us greatly while the egomaniacs suck the life force out of us.

Unfortunately, this is problematic since many people who are truly engrossed in what they are doing don’t really enjoy the flame war aspect of geek life. They’d rather just be left alone to practice their art. That leaves a very few who are pure in their passion and are able to communicate it in a way that is not insulting and condescending to others.

I am a huge fan of your blog and believe you are in this small minority of passionate people who can communicate their message in an intelligent and mature way.

Unfortunately, despite the man’s brilliance, DHH just seems to be a poster child for the other more obnoxious group. That’s why he drives people nuts. Whether it is true or not, he reminds us of all the people we’ve met who may or may not be intelligent, but definitely have the emotional IQ’s of protozoa.

“If I felt that strongly about OSS, I’d actually view people who held on to the platform lockdown of OS X with mild suspicion, myself.”

People like David who talk about “building business on open source technologies” and then use OS X are just Flosstitutes.