Encryption for Dummies

I just posted a new article on CodeProject, .NET Encryption Simplified. In my spare time over the last 6 months, I've delved deeper and deeper into the System.Security.Cryptography classes. And you know what I learned? Cryptography is hard.

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Hex is a two-way property, eg:

Dim d as New Encryption.Data
d.Hex = “DEADBEEF”

p.s. Nice use of Michael Bolton, lol


for example we encrypt as hex string.

Dim encryptedData3 As Encryption.Data
Dim asym As New Encryption.Asymmetric()
Dim secret As String = "Michael Bolton"
encryptedData3 = asym.Encrypt(New Encryption.Data(secret))
sEncHexTxt = encryptedData3.Hex

There is no problem.

How can we decrypt this hex (sEncHexTxt) string…?
I can not able to convert it to encryption.data type.



Really it eases my pain…


I Save encryption(String) With Key In DataBase.
How can we decrypt this string…?


Well i have a new theory for encryption first i thought to use my theory for compression and decompression but not worked but strangely i found it perfect for encryption like mapping file and data

Thanks Jeff,

The code for the encryption class is no longer avaialble on CodeProject.

Is there somewhere else that it can be found?

Regards … MarkJ

I found the code at:


Thanks for sharing

Regards Mark