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Farewell Stack Exchange


Nice post. Professional work may seem rewarding externally (from other people’s eyes looking at you) but what really counts are the lives of people that are immediately around you i.e. your wife and children. As fathers, our success is measured really on how we have raised our children and loved our wife.

Congratulations on the double addition to your family. I am sure the joy and exhilaration starting and handling StackOverflow / StackExchange will pale in comparison with the feeling of your children tugging at your heartstrings.

Good luck!


I think it’s pretty cool with all the “startup ra ra ra” bullshit that’s popular right now, to see someone high profile say “fuck it, it’s not that important”

Congrats on all that you’ve achieved. Bigger congrats for having the balls to make the decision that feels right for you and your family.

I hope you’re running away with a big sack of that VC money too :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for fixing the internet … well part of it anyway, seriously. SE is a major fix.


To the little Atwoods:

Your Daddy is one of the smartest Daddies out there… Not just because he helped teach all of the other Daddies and Mommies about computers… but because he knows that YOU are more important right now and need his attention.

Take care of your Daddy for us… and we’ll see all of you soon!


Thank you Jeff! Cannot imagine working a whole day without visiting Stack Overflow…


Kids are more important anytime. For me it has always been very clear. Seeing you do that gives me strength. My best wishes for you and your family.

BTW, would be interested to see whats coming up next.



Very good job Jeff, I’ve particularly enjoyed the podcasts you did when building the site. SOF is a testament that building the right product and building it right is what counts.

Thanks for all and all the best for your next adventure (being a good daddy is a good one :-)).


Bravo, Jeff! Fantastic four-year accomplishment. Way to lead an N-dimensional life.


As a father of a couple, I wish you the best of luck with the most important project of all: Family.


You were awesome before, now you’re even awesomer! RESPECT!!


I’m sure your son and daughters will appreciate it. Good decision, I’m sure the team will miss you.


Through watching the StackExchange sites grow, and reading the blogs and listening to the podcasts, it’s clear to me that there’s a solid set of core values driving what you do and what you create.

This made the site great, and it’s only natural that the same values might lead you to eventually move on.

Thanks for making me realise how much I enjoy writing, and thanks for making me enjoy my job as a software developer even more.


Thank you for all the time you dedicated to making the internet a lot better. Stack Exchange has been a fantastic success, from the podcast, to StackOverflow, to the new sites.

I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to do (besides spending time with your family, of course!) even if less time demanding. And I hope you won’t stop blogging!



I was going to write a up a longer post reflecting on the history of Stack Overflow and the goodness it’s brought to the internet by re-shaping and re-framing Q&A sites and how they work, but I think it’s enough to say thanks for rolling this ball down the hill.

Good luck Jeff and and all the best in your next adventure.



Thanks for raising the quality bar for our industry and enjoy that previous time with family!


Rock on! Thanks for making Stackoverflow or I’d have to RTFM.


What a fantastic example of choosing good priorities and then doing what it takes to make it a reality. Thanks for your great work on Stack Overflow and good luck in continuing your greatest work.


Congratulations. Enjoy Rock Hard Awesome and The Lady Babies. I only took four weeks off when my twins were born. Six months would be pretty awesome.


Thank you and good luck.
It is nice to see a startup partner make a decision like this.


Thank you for making the world a better place for developers, Jeff, you’ve done a great service for all of us.