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Farewell Stack Exchange


Thank You Jeff for building Stack Overflow and other StackExchange sites! Brilliant work! These are one of the few websites which I routinely keep on visiting.

Looking forward for your next adventure. Best Wishes. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Jeff, for all your great work on StackOverflow!


I know my comment will mostly just echo what so many others have already said, but I had to say it as well.

You have chosen wisely!

It truly warms my heart after following you pre-parenthood, one-child-parenthood, and recently, overwhelming-parenthood. I was always happy to see little quips from @RockHardAwesome because it meant (to me at least) that you were finding connection with your son.

Your contributions to the internet are well spoken for and deserved. How fortunate your family is to have you to themselves. I’m sure they deserve it as well, as your time must have been stretched quite thin.

I had the chance to meet you briefly at PDC 2008 in the vendor hall for an epic one song game of Rock Band2. You played drums, Phil Haack played guitar, and I sang. It confirmed my impression of you being a playful, lighthearted, big kid and I can only imagine how well that will fit with your 3 little ones.

Keep rockin’ the geeky father/developer part!



Dunno, many of us have kids. We spend time with our families and still go to work every morning.

In a functional company (as opposed to a dysfunctional company), it should be possible to find a position that allows for a decent work/life balance and still be involved with SE in one or the other way. I just don’t really get why it has to be a full-scale cut.

After all, work/life balance is about work and life.


Jeff, Thanks for this.

One of my biggest problems with my fellow developers has been the naive (and even arrogant) assumption by many that the “devoted passion” could or should be sustained. It has been a source of discouragement to me that our industry demands so much time, and that so many are willing to cost themselves and those around them to give it, because it has made it difficult for equally good devs with family priorities to compete.

I love software development. In my first years I spent as many waking hours as I could in front of a computer learning and writing code. But now I have a wife and four kids, in addition to other people who need my time, and I love them all more. At various times I’ve gone through much anxiety over not being able to keep up, not stopping to think about whether it mattered whether I kept up like my more “passionate” peers did. Then I realized that my kids didn’t care about how much money I was making, or what my professional reputation was, or what cool app I had made, as long as they could eat and stay warm and have Dad around.

So, I’ve had to redefine what it means to “keep up”, and redesign how I do it.

I don’t want to waste my short life pushing around bits and bytes. At the end of the day, (flame-on) it’s just a job.


Oh, one more thing: If you have a family, and after 40 hrs of Dev work a week all your other time isn’t soaked up by the needs of your wife, kids, parents, neighbors, and church (if you have one), then all I can say is,

You aren’t doing it right! :slight_smile:


I may turn out to be a failure in business, but I refuse to fail my kids.

Bravo!! We’ll miss you, but your kids certainly won’t! And they won’t care that we do. And you will never regret it. Ever.

My opinion of you has always been very high. Today you have proven that it was justified. Godspeed, and all the best to you in your future endeavors.

Give your kids a hug from all of us.


I’m also in love with my software development work. But just like you, I’m a father of three (including twins) and love, and prioritize, my family more. Kudos to you!


Jeff, StackOverflow is something akin Wikipedia for programmers, only much better. You can proudly tell your grandkids how you helped build it. Enjoy your family, bro’.


Hey, thanks dude - enjoy the family.


You’ve done amazing things with SO/SE. I’ve also appreciated following your insights over the years on coding in general.

It’s good to see a craftsman get to build something awesome, and then get to step away with satisfaction knowing it will stand up without him.

Now? Enjoy life!


Hi Jeff,

i think it’s great you do what you feel. For me the most important thing is “No regrets”, and failing as a father is something you would definetely regret. We’ll be delighted to see what you will do next.


Thank you for SE Jeff. You have saved me countless hours and created some fun too.

It is so fun to talk to new developers when they first discover SO. I recently talked at a university development class and asked what websites people went to for information, SO was the overwhelming favorite. It’s incredible what you have built for us all.

Take care of yourself and your family!


Thanks. You’ve given me many extra hours to spend with my kid. PS Great decision.


I really want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and your adventure with all of us, although I never make any comment on your blog, I learned a ton from you. Thank you so much for making the Internet a better place!


Jeff, I work at home now and suddenly my kids move out. Go figure.
Anyway you look at it, family is what counts. Rock On!

On another note; I’d like you to present to LiDNUG.org - the 46k member LinkedIn .Net Users Group. I’d also like you to visit Rocket City USA - aka Huntsville, Alabama - for an “In Person” at HUNTUG.org aka HUntsville winders New Technology Users Group.
… but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Connect with me on LI, FB, Twitter or email me using danwygant on yahoo


Congratulations on a great accomplishment with StackExchange and a great decision on putting your family and yourself first. It shouldn’t take so much bravery to make a decision like that… but it does.

Thanks also for continuing to write with such openness and authenticity. It’s inspiring.


(a fellow newbie father and entrepreneur)


Thanks Jeff for creating such a wonderful q-n-a board that is now being used for a whole wide variety of things: from finance to technology and more.


Family is important, congrats on your decision and all the best on your new venture. Thanks for building such a life changing product..


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