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There's so much buzz around Flickr right now it's practically deafening. Or maybe I should say blinding, because Flickr is a collaborative photo sharing service. I was perplexed why Yet Another Photo Sharing Website was so hot until I started browsing the myriad hacks and tools available for this site. Flickr has a web API, and there's a .NET wrapper around that API available at Flickr.NET. It's truly astonishing; a case study in what having an open API and community-driven content can do for your business. Here are some of the cooler Flickr hacks (warning-- heavy use of Flash ahead)

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I have found flickr to be a great way to provide annotated screenshots (click my name to see). A little interactive annotation goes a long way - replaces what would be very lengthy (probably ponderous) descriptions.

Tracking good pictures is not straightforward I agree.
I find once you look at the groups you tend to see higher quality photos, and you can easily add anyone you like as a “contact”.
Don’t forget also, just about everything in Flickr has an RSS feed.
You can track your contacts photos through RSS.

Of course, all of these things require spending lots of time on Flickr - once you get truly hooked that’s not hard. :slight_smile:

FlickrSearcher ver 1.6 with Flashr and Flickr open api,

This is a flash application. It thanks.

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The best way to find good pictures is to visit Flickr’s Explore page:

The page is updated with 500 new ‘best of Flickr’ photos everyday.