Full Trust can't be trusted

Microsoft gets blamed for a lot of security problems, and for the most part, they deserve it. There's no excuse for the irresponsible "on by default" policy that resulted in so many vulnerable Windows 2000 IIS installations. That's why Nimda was so devastating. Windows 2003 has a great security record, mostly because of Microsoft's new "off by default" policy. I expect Windows XP SP2 to be similarly successful.

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First post!

three years late, but first post!


So Jeff, are you saying that as long as I log in as a limited user (I’ve got XP), I don’t need anti-virus software? Is that really all I need to do to be secure?

Because that would be great. Anti-virus programs 30-90% of my CPU.

Looks like the word “DEV0UR” was censored from the above post. Like, huh?