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Geek Transportation Systems


Front brake? Sounds like a front flipping accident waiting to happen.


I have recently purchased an eZip 750 electric scooter from Currie Tech, after reading this article. It cost anywhere from $300-$400 depending where you buy it from. I have a 5 mile ride to work, and this scooter has a range of 12 miles. It takes me 20 mins to get to work each morning. I am very happy with my new transportation method.


Another benefit is that compared to a skateboard or a bike, it’s easier to slow down and/or reliably jump off when pedestrian traffic is heavy.

Also, I notice cyclists hate it when you go faster than them on a scooter.


asigurari locuinteAnother benefit is that compared to a skateboard or a bike, it’s easier to slow down and/or reliably jump off when pedestrian traffic is heavy.


My “portable vehicle” of choice is a unicycle (26" wheel in my case). It cuts the time in half compared to walking, and gets you mind off your troubles. Pretty much the same benefits as a scooter (good for ~1 mile trips, easy to stash) for about the same price (unicycles go much further on the high end, but a $150 one-wheeler is a nice ride). Requires a higher skill level and tolerance for odd looks, which is a benefit or drawback depending.
I throw mine in the back of a small hatchback and park a half mile from work in a super-cheep lot, then get out and one-wheel it to the office. Started off riding it back and forth to school, because hauling my bike up and down from a third floor apartment sucked, not to mention concerns over bike theft. Nobody steals a unicycle…


If you want a mode of transport with a bit of computer history, try the A-bike, invented by Clive Sinclair of Spectrum fame.

I have not used one but they look suitably weird to be the kind of thing that a programmer would love. There is also the C5 of course but then this would be the kind of thing that you’d have to bid ££ for on eBay.


what? you didn’t try this one out?



I’ve been commuting daily for two years by bus + Strida (fairly customized by now), and I have nothing but praise for the bike.

Funny thing that my googling took me here when researching the Xootr MG. The reason being shorter distances, due to a new job (still the same bus though).

Being a .NET/software geek as well, it might not be so strange, since great minds think alike :wink:

See you at Øredev!


Funny - my scooter has a 582CC engine on it. Sure - it costs a lot more than those other options, but I don’t mind because it will do 100MPH (US) and gets 52MPG around town in the summer months. Price? I got my 2003 Honda Silver Wing for $3,250 over a 17 months ago. It has already nearly paid for itself in savings versus driving my car.

You say you’d never want to go that fast when it’s cold outside? No problem. I’ve been riding mine year-round in northern Illinois since I got it so when it gets cold, I just throw on a pair of snow pants and put my liner in my riding jacket (if I haven’t already). In general, the only times I won’t ride are when it’s unsafe like when there’s ice on the road, or lightning in the skies. I have ridden in dank (cold and wet/rainy) weather and tend to ride less at those times, but it won’t keep me from riding by itself unless it’s cold enough to cause ice to form on the roadways. Rain by itself doesn’t usually stop me because I just throw my rain gear on. How much did all this outerwear add to the cost of my ride? About $750.

Regardless of how you get “there,” get there in one piece and healthy.


I agree with John above; kick scooters by Micro rock. I have the black kick and I recently got mini kick scooters for my kids. Solid construction and every part is replaceable on the rare occurrence that something should break. Great Xmas gifts for the whole fam!


Hey, everyone. I have a question if anyone would care to answer. How does scootering compare to walking when it comes to sweat? I live in Florida, so even in the morning, if I have to walk over a mile in a dress shirt and slacks, my sweat will probably bleed through my clothes. Any help is appreciated. Looking to get one of the Xooter scooters when I get my first job.