Gifts for Geeks, 2011 Edition

I wonder - aren’t there even geekier battery chargers with USB option? I mean, not for charging (USB doesn’t give enough juice), but for control. So that you can hook it up to your PC and have all kinds of different graphs representing your batteries; try out different charging patterns you downloaded on a commmunity website; support all kinds of batteries (not just NiMH xor Li-Ion); and so on.

I’m no expert, but it seems to me that electronically it would be pretty simple - you just for each of the battery ports voltage/current sensors and voltage/current limiters (basic electronics); and a tiny controller for exporting all that data to USB (arduino would be an overkill).

So, what do you actually use the scissors for? You have wire cutters on the thing already…

I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to find a multi-tool that does what I want:

Small form factor (as in, shorter than my ipod)
Heavy, solid blade.
Phillips and flat screwdriver head
Bottle opener

And that’s it. I could live without the bottle opener. Something like the Skeletool in the size of the Micra. But when you go down to the keychain size, suddenly it’s back to “5 million tools in one” and none of them work well.

I found some off-brand crap Appalachian Trail stuff at lowes in exactly the right form factor, but I don’t really want to buy yet another knife made out of cheap steel.

Given the prevalence of rotundity among geeks, I’d consider Withings new scale as serious contender:

The LaCrosse BC-1000 is branded as Voltcraft IPC-1L in Europe.

Sorry Jeff. You often provide great insight on many topics, but Dremel tools and Leathermans are not for DIY. They are the PowerPC of the tool world and rank right up there with crescent wrenches.

If you’re serious about a job, use the tool made for it. Don’t use a single-cheek, “I just want to be your everything”, POS.

+1 on the recommendation of the Petzl Zipka head-torch, a great bit of design.

my favorite is Leatherman Squirt PS4 (24$) affordable price and excellent utility.


The UK version is here:

The Voltcraft IPC-1L mentioned earlier looks similar, but this comes with the full kit Jeff mentions… excited now 'cos I just ordered one :slight_smile:

A geek advocating Dremels and Leathermans for DIY
is a little like
a handyman advocating Frontpage for web development.

Fireworks for Geeks - make it in TeX!

Great post Jeff.