Hard Drives -- breaking the Terabyte Barrier

Dell already has a 1TB HD listed

I think you guys are thinking of two 500gb drives in a JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) array, so they appear as one large drive to the OS.


There is no such thing as a 1TB HD at the moment. Not in a single physical drive you can buy from newegg.com. It is coming, though.

It reminds me of my old 286 with it’s 20MB drive.

Everytime I wanted something else on the hard drive, I had to remove something else to put it on.

20MB, amazing, in those days that went a long way! :slight_smile:

Striping is definitely not worth the effort on the desktop:

Jeff, you’re talking as if Clayton’s RAID is the only sort of striping. RAID5 pays off it you have to buy more than about three drives - four drives plus a controller costs less than six drives but has the same available space (assuming RAID5 vs mirroring). Secondary benefits include fewer drive bays used, less power and noise and you only get one drive letter. Problems include DiskKeeper and some other defraggers choking at 512GB, the RAID card takes up a slot (I have an SLI MB with one “video” PCIe slot used by the card). But few motherboards can support three pairs of mirrored drives, you will probably only be able to get two pairs. Oh, and the three pairs of mirrored drives lets you survive having more than one drive fail if you’re lucky (some combos you win, some you lose), but either way you still must have 3 working drives to avoid data loss… it’s just that with mirroring you have 6 drives to start with.

When I first got into computers I was around 9 or 10… my father bought a IBM PC XT 4.77MHz (my first love) he payed $2K+ for a Shugart(brand) 10MB hard drive upgrade. I was the first kid on my block to have a C: ! - spoiled…

I remember how stoked I was when I got a 40MB hard drive installed in my Amiga 3000. That baby was screamin’!

Now I have 280GB and am experiencing a space crisis. How far we’ve come.

… and to put this into further perspective; back in 1983 I had a summer job at Perkin Elmer where they were working on electronics for the Hubble Space Telescope. Behind me at one of the terminals where I entered commands were two 20MB (if I remember correctly) hard drives. Each was the size of an industrial washing machine. You could open the clear plastic cover and pull out the disk platters, which were the size of serving trays.

In regards to Dell having a 1TB hard drive:

I myself work for Dell, and there is no option for a single physical drive with a 1TB capacity. You are most definitely referring to using a RAID striping array, available on Dell’s high-end XPS systems, with two 500GB HDs, total capacity of 1TB.

I know Dell does tend to keep on top of the latest technologies (as I would assume most successful computer companies would have to) so if there was a true 1TB hard drive economically available, Dell would carry it. Just a matter of time!


I have 40GB on hdd. I don’t need more!

The problem of finding stuff has been mentioned quite a bit on this post, but nobody mentioned that as drives get bigger, the data loss when one of those drives fails gets bigger as well. Sure, companies and colleges, etc. have backups and junk, but what about average home users? We can’t all afford RAIDs, when the single 1TB disk in our system that has everything in our lives from the past several years craps out, we lose everything; the digital counterpart of losing everything in a housefire. If however one of several smaller drivers fails, we lose proportionately less (like if the firefighters put out the fire before it destroyed the whole house). Of course an array of smaller drives has its own disadvantages like higher energy consumption, larger size, and more physical electronic waste.