Have You Ever Been Windows Experienced?

Does the score include Sound at all? Sound Cards have varied capabilities and performance issues under DirectSound, and in game + multimedia applications. If for example you are grabbing a video and sound source, if the sound card isn’t up to scrach you could get pops and sound glitches.

what i would like to know is if all the fancy processor consuming stuff in vista will turn off when i go to play a game? i dont want to waste CPU on processes which dont improve my gaming experience. i think that windows needs to make 2 OSs one for games and one for office applications. make the games OS run everything through directX or something like that and deactivate all the windows processes once a fullscreen program launches.

Here’s what it says for mine under RC1:
(Asus A8N-E)

Total score = 5.0
Processor = 5.0 (AMD64 X2 4400+ 2.2Ghz)
Memory = 5.2 (2Gb 400mhz dual channel)
Graphics = 5.9, the highest score (7800GT 256mb)
Gaming = 5.8
Primary HD = 5.3 (SATA-1.5 Hitachi Deskstar 250)

(x64 version of Vista btw)


Minpaso is a service that collects the results of the performance evaluation of Windows experience index (WEI) adopted for Windows Vista, and displays the ranking.
The sidebar gadget of Windows Vista is used for the data collection.

My mean machine, P4 3.4 HT (Prescott 1MB), 768MB DDR400 RAM,
Geforce FX 5600 and 200GB Maxtor 7200RPM IDE, scored an
overall experience rating of 3.0, wow. The processor
was 4.4, graphics 3.4, Hard drive 4.9 and RAM at just 3.0

My not so small speeddemon :smiley:

Total score = 5.8
Processor = 5.8
Memory = 5.9
Graphics = 5.9
Gaming = 5.9
Primary HD = 5.9

Damn my C2D e6700 is on 3,5ghz an still not 5.9!!

I have overall 5

Processor: 5.0
Gaming Graphics:5.3
Primary Hard disk:5.4

this is on the 32 bit version. since my PC is 64 bit,how much difference will changing the OS make?. also how much change between 2GB DDR and 2Gb DDR2? Will either make any difference?

hrmm. I was really interested in this score when I finally installed a commercial copy of Vista on new hardware. It worked fine for me in beta. But now that I’m using vista business, I see no experience score. The Performance Information and Tools Dialog simply says Last rating: 4/20/2007, when I installed the OS, but no rating is visible and there is no update or score button to try again.

Any thoughts?


Has anyone else experienced WEI reducing over time without any hardware changes? After buying my new pc I re ran WEI and some of the indexes reduced!! Did it again a few weeks later. Checked againsta new model in pc world and my pcs WEI ratings are now very much lower.

Processor: 5.9 = q6600 quad core
Ram: 5.9 = 2 gig ddr2 1033 ram
Graphics: 5.9 = 8800 gtx
Gaming Graphics: 5.9 = as above
Primary Hard disk:5.9 = 500gig 16mb sata 2 segate

i guess its time the upgraded the WEI a bit :smiley:

Any tips for a newbie? I dusted off a dual PIII 1GHz Powerdege server and installed Vista Ultimate. Originally it had 1GB RAM and scored a 1.8 in WEI. I upgraded to 2GB and now I get a 1.7 (yes lower). The processors are a 3.0, and the graphics get a 3.5 (256MB ATI PCI bus). The disk gets a 4.5 (highest) but I see constant page faults running media center.

I’m only interested in Media Center. I’ll probably never open a file or even browse the web. As is though, the audio/video pops and skips make it unusable. I’ve heard about ready boost, but I read that it only helps 1GB and below. Aero is turned off, as well as all the effects, and power usage is set to max perf. My memory usage is steady at about 20%, but I literally can’t play a CD. Any registry settings to improve memory performance?


This is on my Alienware Laptop:

Processor: 4.9 - Intel® Core™2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz
Graphics: 3.3- ATI Radeon Mobility x1400
Gaming: 3.6 891 MB Total Memory Available
Hard Drive: 5.2- 80 GB SATA @ 7200 RPM

In response to sparky:
Try getting JkDefrag. It is the best as far as I’m concerned. It takes all the data on your hard-drive and moves it to the inner disk while defraging. You can get JkDefrag at their home page (manual install):


I’ve also built an installer for it if you want an easy install:
It does wonders for performance.

Clearing Prefetch helps to rebuild your system every once in a while. delete everything here:

Over time Windows will clutter the the Prefetch with programs or links that may have been deleted long ago so deleting it starts the Prefetch from scratch and allows Windows to run a little cleaner.

If you’re a gamer (although I doubt you will be on that machine) then turning off SuperFetch will increase system performance greatly in before you start a game. Although I recommend running Superfetch when not ingame because it increases user performance over time. Create a batch file to do the following

Start SuperFetch:
net start superfetch

Stop SuperFetch:
net stop superfetch

Or you can hit [Win]+R and type services.msc and then scroll down to Superfetch and turn it off. But using a batch file is much easier to do when on the fly and takes less time away from gaming :wink:

One last thing. Only clean the Prefetch once a month or every couple of months. If you delete it all the time then Windows doesn’t have a change to build up a list of commonly accessed programs to increase performance when fetching into RAM so you would actually be degrading system performance if you delete it alot.

sparky please post and let me know how my tweaks did for you.

Here is mine
Processor 5.9 (QX6700 2.66Ghz)
Memory 5.4 (Dominator 1066 4 gigs of it)
Graphics 5.9 (BFG Geforce 8800GTX 768mb)
Gaming graphics 5.9
Primary hard disk 5.5 (4 Hard Drives each 500GB)
Globe score 5.4 :slight_smile:

Hello from Cyprus… Here is mine…

Processor 5.4 (X2 4800+ oc 2.6Ghz)
Memory 5.7 (2GB ~2x1GB~ 400MHz) dominator and bullshit… :smiley:
Graphics 5.9 (Geforce 8800GTS 640mb)
Gaming graphics 5.9
Primary hard disk 5.9 (2 x 200GB seagate raid0 )

OC your computers my friends… Play a little with the timings of the memory and you will see boost on overall performance…

My friend Playerman666 the score of your memory is only 5.4??? With corsair dominators? Why?? Something is wrong with the configuration…

(sorry for my very bad english :wink: )

mine are really bad…and I mean REALLY bad…

processor: 3.6 (Pentium M 1.73 GHz)
Memory: 3.9 (758MB RAM)
Graphics 1.9 (Intel 915/910 ERxpress CHipset)
Gaming Graphics: 1.0
Primary Hard Disk: 4.2 (40GB total)

Base Score: 1.0!!!

So see if you can get worse than those scores!

But we still don’t know how we can ran the score from an XP SP2 machine.
The Vista upgrade advisor points to elements that need attention before you can even upgrade to Vista (software, hardware, conflicts, etc). It does not give you a user experience index for vista…

The only thing I can think of when it doesn’t exist… finding a VirtualAppliance with Vista and running this… but it will slow down the average pc ofcourse.