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when I used Perl more often I visited everyday. Great community.


Have a word with Tim Vroom before using any of those, but you could replace monks with monastery or asylum. sanitorium may be too long to type.

Usman Shaheen’s idea of may well be the best though.

How about ? (

I think the best bet are the ones you can easily read. Therefore I chose Personally, I had to spend too much effort in trying to read most of the others.

It’s also easy to type.

Of those listed in the poll, is my favorite.

Along the lines of, is there another “classic” developer interview question or problem with a succinct name along the lines of “fizzbuzz” that might be available? (I’m afraid I don’t have a specific suggestion.)


Of course I registered them all beforehand, just in case. Cost of doing business.

You might have noted that in the main post, to save us from wondering!

How about or

I also like the idea of using ‘this’ instead of ‘www’ in the domain name for a bit of an OOP inside joke (at least for languages that use this)

codecafe is taken, as is codebistro

codercave and codercavern are open. These are probably more realistic places for developers to meet each other than cafes and bistros anyway.

I like stack overflow because, aside from having a little pizazz, it’s also general to programming and isn’t specific to one language (like VB or C) or one group of developers (“hackers”).

Since I get the feeling you’ll be writing about a lot of higher-level, only-slightly-technical stuff, I don’t like the recursion ones because they give the impression of a computer-sciency site.

And while the “humble” names aptly describe many of the things you write about, they just don’t have any zing to them. The name of a business or web site doesn’t have to be incredibly clever, but contrary to what some of the nerds are saying in their replies, the name is your image and image is everything in for-profit ventures. Humility is a noble virtue but it isn’t good for marketing.

I can kind of see cargocultdevs as well. The only thing bothering me about that is the abbreviation; if you want this to be read by higher-level managers and startup CEOs (which I assume you do), then it makes the name harder to “speak”. What’s a “dev”?

Just my opinion of course. Maybe you shouldn’t be asking us, though - remember, never listen to your users. :slight_smile:

Maybe:? or

HackerCombinator seams to be a new one (Google cant find anything).

Woo hoo! is doing well in the ratings! I’m disappointed you left my last suggestion off, though:

Skinner: Only one question remains, gentlemen…what do we call
Nigel: How about, "Handsome Homer Simpson Plus Three?"
Barney: I like it!
Apu: Wait, I do not.
Skinner: Er, um, we need a name that’s witty at first, but that seems
less funny each time you hear it.
Apu: How about, “The Be Sharps?”
[Everyone laughs loud at first, then less, then the laughter
tapers off]
Skinner: Perfect!
– Important group naming criteria, “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”

I’ve no idea when it comes to purchasing domains that are “squatted” by those search pages (Maybe somebody can enlighten me?!), but personally, I’d love to own bit,com. Simple, short(!), fundamentally related and definately memorable! Along the same lines, what about codr,com? (As in the web 2.0 equivilant of “coder”)
Wish you the best whatever you pick!

SiliconTransplants (what a compiler does).

privatevoid sounds great

You know, its pretty dumb to post potential websites up on a popular blog like this, unless you have already registered them all. Since it opens up a wide door for squatters to get all the names they could potentially sell in one place (it costs very little to register 10-20 names)

Looks like was a good choice :wink:

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