How to Talk to Human Beings


I found the link to your website referenced in post by George Benhorn on YoungPrePro.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk is a fantastic resource. For anyone who struggles with communication, the information in the book is gold. The book offered my family a path to peace.

Thanks for the post!

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This is a great book. Thanks for the rec! My response is below.


It’s worth pointing out he has three…

I think your reply is very ignorant as well, because the post is clearly not talking about children with autism. It’s like going to a car shop and screaming: This place is stupid, wait until you ride a motorcycle!

Be nice, the post was good for me.


I’m wondering how much the “repeat-acknowledge-allow autonomy” structure can be extended beyond spoken conversation. It seems a pretty common complaint (especially for anyone remotely comfortable with problem-solving) to have a work inbox full of e-mails that have little to no apparent effort in looking into the problem (even when it is a problem that they have been shown how to solve before), and I get the feeling that repeating/summarising the problem in some way may give them the space to get to a solution themselves.