I want my WSH.NET!

Speaking of ghetto languages, when exactly is the Windows Script Host going to be updated with a modern language-- like, say, .NET? I want my WSH.NET!

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Markus beat me to it. Monad is basically going to replace the command shell and any scripting host type thing more than likely.

I mean it can pass .NET objects instead of text. Conforming that to become a “host” requires 0 work I would think unless MS “makes it so”.

Hmm, I didn’t realize MSH/Monad was so ambitious. So you can just type in .NET keywords at the commandline, such as…

C:\Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”)

… yes?

I’ve never used WSH but it seems to me that MSH (Microsoft Command Shell, codenamed Monad) will do a good job when it’s finished:

I have tried out an early preview and it looks very promising.

Some monad stuff here:


Not quite Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”), but it’s hard to say. Does anyone have samples of .NET code running on the MSH shell?