Improved all city search


i am curious what the violation is, and whether it could be implemented in a way that would be legitimate. like, it seems clear that this would be a very popular tool.

do the CLs just have a moral bias for local economies?

There are really two issues here:

  1. Craigslist is a local tool and we discourage any tool that blurs that distinction

  2. The manner in which this tool gets information from our site is all wrong. The reason that we don’t mind traffic is that they pull one RSS feed a day to update their data.

#1 is enough to make us unhappy about this so it doesnt matter if #2 changes or not.

Sorry :frowning:


thanks for your reply, Bill. I responded on the CL forum, titled pros and cons, here:

a href=""

j murphy

I am here, and I got your email, I just haven’t had time to disable the service yet. I attended the nVidia 7800 launch event yesterday all day (and I mean literally ALL day, 8am - 12am). I’ll disable it when I get home.

Hey, the All Search is down, giving the error in /Craigslist server error, cannot find search.aspx or something to that effect.

Anybody see this yet?

Would be great if you can get it back up, its an excellent tool.

If you have any comments, don’t post them here because the staff are not likely to see them. Post in the forums instead using the thread that J. Murphy created:

There are those of us that want to check for “telecommute” jobs, and since those are not always relevant to what is “local” it makes sense to search the entire collection of sites.

So, for example, since I live in Italy (American) and would like to search telecommute jobs with companies in the US, I have to search each subdomain one by one, its nonsense.

They allow telecommute only jobs but expect only “locals” to be applying and getting those jobs, the logic fails. Their suggestion to subscribe to 70+ RSS feeds and wade through them also fails my comprehension.

Your tool was useful, it saved me time, helped the companies looking for me to find me quicker, which is the whole point behind their reason to post a listing on CL… :frowning:

It was nice while it lasted.


I tried your search with “” and I got a bunch of errors. This would great especially if I could subscribe to something and the results were mailed to me.


I use your site everday (search all of craigslist engine…, its perhaps the most useful tool i have run into in years, and i want to donate money to your cause, and the project. While i can not afford to donate much, you should realize this will be my first contribution to any freeware/groupware etc ever, so you should be impressed that i am so impressed.

mitch hoerr-austin texas

it’s sad that they’ve disabled your tool

Yep, it’s sad that Craigslist will not let you use a nation wide search, but it’s typical of them and their ways.

HI. I am new to craigslist. it seems all of the emails i send always come back to me no matter which email address i use. iT SAYS failure notice. Dont know what i am doing wrong. I just email with my own email back.

Sorry i did not explain that this is for job opportunities.

Hi, Guys

I recently made a yahoo widget for craigslist, I call it CLUpdater.

It is an RSS reader for craigslist that features an picture preview window.

It supports both Windows and Mac OS, and it supports all 204 craigslist cities plus 129 categories.

Go check it out. You can search for CLUpdater on yahoo or google to get the link.



If you need craigslist multiple city search, you can use CLSearch V2.20. It is also free for download.

I use this tool. It is not free, but finally there is someone who actually made possible to save me hour or two daily. I’ve try everything, and now use this.

Google based implementation

sorry, here is the link

this is a new craigslist mashup just came out very recently, very cool and very easy to use to search multiple craigslist city and categories at once.

Just stumbled onto your site. I have been using a href="" which is pretty basic but I like it. I will check yours out tho for sure.

Try CraigZoom: