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Introducing Stackoverflow.com


So now that you’ve decided on a name, what are you going to do with all the other great domain names that are registered to “Atwood Heavy Industries”?


Cool… Looking forward to it… It is a real pain looking at exactly what you have been searching for and finding it hidden behind the dollars (expert-ex-change… !)

Thank You!


people are already trying to mock your project! For only $250. haha



Jeff: I recently found stackoverflow.com and am addicted. What’s funny is that I work as a Linux admin in support for a large hosting company and my day job revolves around answering customer’s technical questions – so why would I be addicted to a site where I can answer (or ask) technical questions without being paid? Yeah…it’s because that’s what I enjoy doing, for one, and that I enjoy the game of answering a question best.

Oh, and I hate Experts Exchange with a passion (even though the registration required answer is available without registration I just feel dirty visiting that site) and refuse to use it.

I’m actually thinking of ways to incorporate some of your ideas in my day job…some because as appealing voting down a customer’s question might make a BOFH feel it’s probably not the best way to treat customers ;-).


Hi, just wondering if there’s still a way to listen to the first 7 episodes of the podcast? I see that ITConversations.com only has them as far back as episode 8.


The level of skills on stackoverflow is very poor, comparated to BBS or Usenet (20 years of history, experts only!)
, in particular about Windows programming…


stackoverflow.com is the best community for programmers! great for sharing scripts and Ideas.



Podcast? No thanks. 46 minutes? Really, no thanks.

How about transcripts? I can process information by reading a whole helluva lot faster than I can by listening to it.


Don’t forget the small print at the bottom: All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.



i think it should be obvious by now, but “J2EE” probably has a new meaning!


oops! forgot to mention, if you use Jajah in some way…


Great! I just listened to the first podcast and your discussion has quite a range! Great to hear two experienced and influential techies chat… When can we expect it?


Wow? I was researching the dreaded Transaction Deadlock error when I saw this off-hand comment in 2008 that you were building Stack Overflow. Many kudos to you for building something and not just blogging. Stack Overflow has helped me to survive as a programmer and fool many employers into thinking I was pretty smart. I can’t count the number of times your website has saved my bottom. I hope it’s made you a small fortune. You deserve it.


Congrats, guys! You and Joel are my two favorite bloggers hands down.


The irony that stackoverflow deadlock thread got me here. Congratulations and thanks.