Is your PC boring?

The "beige box" PC industry has been slow to capitalize on Apple's proven track record of design. I may not be interested in the Mac Mini, but I sure hope it spurs Taiwanese manufacturers* to produce more interesting looking small form factor PCs designs. And some of that will, hopefully, spill over into desktop PCs as well. I've certainly never seen any Taiwanese manufactuer produce any cases as original as these new ASUS Vento models:

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i got one of these cases, good case, very stout.

This design would look great in beige or white. It’ll be just like having a starwars stormtrooper under your desk.

They do sell it in black:

The case looks very similar to Alienware’s cases, without the lighting.

But the one question that I have is why is the Antec P1xx line of cases the only sleek but elegant cases I can get (Of course, according to my girlfriend, “it looks like a fridge”)? Some of us really aren’t planning on taking our computers to LAN Parties, but we still want something nice to put in our offices.

I have this case. This case is a beast. I would not want to lug it to lan parties. The case alone weighs over 20 pounds and by the time you add all the components it weighs close to 40 pounds. It is also very large. Much larger than I expected. But, overall it is a great case. Plenty of ventilation and enough room for anything you may need.

The new Lenovo Thinkstation is not bad at all, design-wise:

I bought ASUS Vento 3600 last year and slowly building my 1st DIY and I am quite happy with the case. However, I am trying to figure out how to make a clear panel on it’s side so that I can sit back and look at what I have installed.

A decent space to work with and cable management can be tricky and soon I will cut through certain areas to make it more neat aand tidy. Tuck away all the cables etc.

I own this case for almost two years now. I had 2 different configurations with it -DFI motherboard + x1950xtx the one i’m using right now, Gigabyte motherboard + 3870 single slot retail.

In both of them i cannot have crossfire unless i remove my 2nd hdd.
That’s because in both configs my GPU bumps into the 2nd hdd. In fact i can’t use the default PCI slot for graphics, i have to move my GPU further down to the next available slot!!! :frowning:
Other than that i haven’t really had any real problems with this case, but if i knew i had this kind of problem with dual GPU configs i’d look for an alternative.