It looks like you're writing a for loop!

Even the best programmers make shitty software, with bugs. But some programmers are naturally proficient at creating this special kind of software, as illustrated by a Croatian developer known as Stinky:

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Oh, man. I know making fun of Clippy is like shooting fish in a barrel, but this parody app is hilarious:

I love the default messages:

  • It looks like your keyboard is working correctly.
  • Sometimes I pop up for no particular reason, like now.
  • I thought you should know that today is [date]

This would be a GREAT prank app to install on someone’s PC. Hmm…

The last one is on Scott Allen’s blog:
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The For loop is great. (They type perfect C++ or C# all the way in until they get to the For loop. WTF kind of programmer is that?)

Hi! Can you help me make a Java code with this output?

Input: 6


OR …

Input: 3

Thanks! :smiley:

^ Copypasta programmer with a good IDE.

Please also note the catch blocks:
catch(ShittyCodeException), catch(WrongLanguageSyntaxException), and catch(InfiniteLoopException).