John Carmack on Java, Phones, and Gaming

John Carmack, the primary developer of Doom and Quake at id Software, posted some great comments on his recent experiments with cellphone game development in Java. My favorite?

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… and “To a first approximation, I don’t really like talking to most people, so I don’t go out of my way to enable people to call me.” is a close second :smiley:

Actually, that’s more a handicap of the way that Sun initially did cross-platform UI. For a much better example, Eclipse is also written in 100% pure Java and is extremely resposive, especially considering how much of its behaviours are provided by a runtime-extensible mechanism. As for the load-time, well, that says a lot more about NetBeans in particular than Java in general.

Does this guy have a feed to his blog? I’d love to subscribe to it.

I read that and noticed he was referring to NetBeans when he mentions that “Quote of the Month”. Now I understand. That IDE for Java was actually written IN Java.

Don’t get me wrong, Java has its purposes, but large scale GUIs are not one of them. It’s sad that it can take upwards of 5 minutes to load the IDE. The machine I last tried it on was a 1.7 GHz, fairly old, but not so old that it shouldn’t be able to handle this.