Keyboard Shortcut Summary Macro

I finally had time to improve my Visual Studio .NET keyboard shortcut summary macro. Instead of writing HTML to the console*, it now creates a HTML file in your user documents folder, and navigates the IDE to the created file:

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I’m new at running vs 2005 and have 2 (stupid) questions.

  1. I don’t see Macros…IDE on my Tools menu.
  2. How do I “import EnvDTE”? I’m familiar with the Imports statement but unsure how to do this instruction.

Thanks for any help!

Very interesting, but my visual studio, unfortunately, does not accept the macro - seems like DataRow, DataTable, DataView, DataRowView etc does not exist… any idea why ?

This is indeed a neat trick, if it worked :slight_smile:

  1. Add a reference to the System.Data namespace*; make sure it builds with no errors

Sorry, must have been blind. Seems like everything works :slight_smile:
(Sorry for posting twice, don’t know why that happened)

For VS 2005, in addition to a reference* to System.Data, I also had to change a line in the ViewToHtmlTable() method:

'groupName = ToString(drv.Item(groupColumnName))
groupName = drv.Item(groupColumnName).ToString()

  • for about 1/2 hour, I stared at the Imports System.Data statement and said to myself, “I have a reference to System.Data.”

Thanks very much for the great macro!

Didn’t work for me. I tried everyones suggestions and the macro builds fine, just doesn’t create the file. I’m running XP 64bit with VS.NET 2005

Works on Visual Studio 2008TS

I only needed to add references to System.Data.dll and System.XML.dll and their corresponding “Imports” and way to go.

really nice work :slight_smile:


Jeff, this is a great tool. Thanks for sharing it.


I’ve posted the cheat sheet result for the Visual Studio 2008 default C# keyboard shortcuts to save people the trouble of getting the macro running. It’s here:

This works in VS2008. Thanks!