My Work PC, or, Taking Your Own Advice

Joe Claborn - If you are looking for a place to buy on-line goto or

They are both about the same in price; also watch shipping costs they can be high. Both do an excellent job and are used by home builders, the biggest difference is who has the item on stock, also newegg seems to ship a little faster.

The nice thing about mwave is that they sell motherboard,CPU, fan and memory bundles where they put the fan on, install the memory and then do a quick test for under $20, worth it just to make sure everything initially works.


Looks like a rice rocket. Wish you could build an American machine for us rednecks. I live in a third world country and we need more Bloggggggg. power gone. No more blog youuuuuuuu

Hmm, I’m almost thinking that one could buy a rackmount server and use that instead. Servers usually outperform desktop-style machines from the same era, and are inherently heavy duty and stable. Try getting a desktop with hardware raid SCSI 10k or even 15k drives, redundant power supplies/fans/memory etc. If you dwell on it long enough, it could be had on eBay for $2000, even if you factor in a good graphics card. You can keep it in your basement, and use a KVM extender for a 100% noise-free work environment. All you need next to the desk is a power strip, nearby CAT5e drop, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

At work I’m considering slowly farming out the assorted floor-cluttering desktops (some 15 of them) to a puchased lot of identical previous-generation 1U Xeon servers. Those will perform better than the yesteryear’s low-end Dell/Intel desktops. The KVM would be run via plentiful CAT6 wiring – we have two cat6 drops per person, one for phone w/integrated managed switch, another for the desktop which will now be unused.

IMHO, most desktops suck. They may consume less power than server-class machines, but they don’t really last all that long if you keep them on 24/7 like it becomes commonplace in many offices.

Oh ye. Look what you caused… :wink:

I bought my Pentium 4 3.0GHz almost 2 years ago and I can’t rice it – I have to replace the motherboard, CPU AND RAM.

I bought my Pentium 4 3.0GHz almost 2 years ago and I can’t rice it – I have to replace the motherboard, CPU AND RAM.

This has lead me to very seriously consider my next machine to be prebuilt – most likely a Dell.

Nice rig but i would reccomend getting a at least an antec 450 watt like ur rig may work fine now but pwr supplies do degrade performance over time and it would be a waste to see all ur components wrecked. Lol i like my microATX rig better though got a 7900gtx in it- powerful and small is the way to go!

hey can someone help me , i enabled SLI on my 4 monitor system , and then a window popped up telling me my other displays might go out. Of course they did and as I read here that’s what happens because it can run only on one monitor…

Now my question is… how do I disable SLI???

I need to get these displays running been workin all night to get this set up… if anyone can help i’d greatly appreciate it.

Yeah thats cool well i build my computer too, it has a silver atx case with 5 Antec TriCool 120mm Blue LED Case Fan ,and a Thermaltake TMG SL1 Dual Slot Fan. It also has 3 375GB Hard Drives 10,000 RPM’s
And an AMD Althon 2800+ Processor. Also a DVD and CD with lightscrive burner ,And an EVGA e-GeForce 7800 GS Graphic Card,dam
it looks so good it looks as if you were playing on an Xbox 360
Also have a 600W power supply. and to finish it off i have a 22 inch
widescreen LCD monitor, and also have 2 gigabites of RAM

I recently bought ASUS Vento 3600 - Black…it’s so sleek and cool. Kinda different from the others. It’s my first DIY and been doing a fair amount of homework to get the right stuff and within my budget.

Am choosing Asus P5K Deluxe, Q6600 (cooled by ASUS Silent Square - may change that to Zalman CNPS9500), Western Digital Caviar SE16, Corsair XMS2 - 2GB 2x1GB DDR2, Sapphire HD2600XT (cooled by Zalman VF900) and powered by Cooler Master (will change to OCZ, soon). Need ultra quiet machine. 2 units LD DVD burner, one with lightscribe and ACER X192W 19" monitor and Klipsch 2.0 speakers.

Probably not one of the best, I guess my 1st entree should be modest. However, I do need cable management tips to organize my cables. Kinda messy right now. Any tips?

Will post pics of it when I am done.


Love the blog keep it up. Talking about blogs why don’t you visit my blog @ where i give tips and regular free e-books. What OS are you running I am on Windows Vista Home Basic (as part of a new laptop) and I got it last year and it takes 5min to load. All my previous PC’s have been prebuilds (2x Packard Bell and 1 Dell) handed down (I am 11) but now have been looking at self-builds. I have priced up my first PC and it is 245.95 including VAT and it is on a P4 3.2GHz CPU! I got my stuff at

Perhaps I should research it more, but I figured I could get a quick answer here. What is the difference in running your video card in SLI and just running 3 monitors off of two video cards?

“I just don’t know what to do with 'em. Do you just toss 'em, try to actually sell them on eBay, or what?”

That’s easy…save them until you have enough to build a spare machine. I have 3 machines laying around that I built that way…comes in handy for building ad-hoc networks (I prefer the old fashioned way over setting up virtual networks).

Great post, guess I should snap a pic of my 2 home brews.