New Year's Resolutions -- for Microsoft

For better or worse, I've been a Microsoft fan since Windows 3.1. Microsoft is far from perfect, but the alternatives were always so much worse. Can you imagine a dystopian future where we're all running IBM's OS/2 2004 and Lotus Notes Express? Brr. I get a chill just thinking about it. The other contenders have similar glaring flaws. Oracle*? Intel? Sun? Apple? Thanks, but no thanks. To quote Winston Churchill:

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I don’t know Jeff, I think you’re giving MS a bit too much credit. How do you explain and all that Live crap? C’mon, that was pretty hopeless, wasn’t it?

“all running IBM’s OS/2 2004 and Lotus Notes Express?”

Well, a href=""Ray Ozzie/a is running things over at MS. I mean people are running around talking about how great it is to have him at MS and I’m asking them, “Have you ever USED Lotus Notes or Groove?”.

Happy New Year.

Hmm. You know, I’m a bit on the opposite side of the spectrum because of the ‘developing world perspective’, but this is a great middle ground post which I found by following the trail of someone who visited my site.

Would that we could all toss the bureaucrats. You may appreciate this: a href =“” target =_blankThe Beginnings of the Cult of Realism: The Anti-Bureaucrats/a. Laugh a little.

It’s 2006. Happy New Year.:slight_smile:

Aha. no html in comments. Wise. Here’s the link:

How do you explain and all that Live crap? C’mon, that was pretty hopeless, wasn’t it?

Not really-- MS is pursuing a very public beta period and rapidly incorporating feedback into their changes. So is actually an example of MS doing the right things… but still not fast enough. For one thing, it’s crazy to not support Firefox on the day of the first beta. That’s just asking for it.