On Being Pushy

Via Scott Hanselman:

He then links to a set of management rules, specifically highlighting number three:

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Yes, pushing the envelope and stirring things up can be a good way of moving things forwards, for yourself and a business.

Yes, cliches can become old and tired and loose their value. But certain things do need to be consistant and predicatable, when dealing with interfaces for example.

Interesting. I didn’t have UI in mind when I wrote this; I was thinking more of general assertiveness. For example, stumping for usability in UI rather than accepting typical, generic “good enough” design.

Mario Andretti (the race car driver) has a similar quote, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”

You need to gauge your firm’s amenability to being pushed. When I was at UBS, it was distinctly not welcome.

I’m lucky now; my current product management position is explicitly all about pushing. I’m supposed to help “turn the battleship.” How much fun is that - in the trying, if not in the actual accomplishment?