On Software "Engineering"

An oldie but a goodie, courtesy of Jeroen van den Bos:

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Fantastic cartoon! Still trying unsuccessfully to sit upright again :slight_smile:

Too funny to be true!

Too true to be funny :frowning:

Kick butt!! So vewy, vewy twue…

I buy the argument that too much planning kills Projects. But most of the time, the projects die as there are no planning or not enough time spent on planning rather than spening more time on coding. Dont you agree?

I am so ancient, I remember when I coded patterns on cave walls, for the knitting ladies, before the Great Flood came!

That cartoon was there, in our college classrooms, having been left by some guys who invented the wheel.

But, yes, it is wryly funny!

Actually, saw it again, years later, in Air Force Engineering circles, in the late 1960’s!

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Hah! Very good, very apt! I like it. Now if I could only get my customers to pay the way yours do…

ouch! someone just got owned! is it you?

has anyone seen the cartoon showing a developer misunderstanding a customers requirement for a vehicle and produces a bicycle?

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