Optimizing Your Wallet

I’ve got the leather one from alt-ett and its super thin too.

the inside is sailcloth but it doesn’t look cheap til you open it


I’m sure you can optimise that away completely. Isn’t its purpose exactly the same a /pocket/?


My partial solution to the bulkiness problem: have both front pockets full of enough stuff that there’s no question that I’ve got a lot of random things in my pockets, rather than any other interpretations.

I’ve been using the Slimmy for the past 8 months and can’t go back. It forces you to not cram everything in there.

I’m a European guy (Britain), loads of change, bulging wallet but I’m with the lady on this one.

I tote a man-bag often as not (shoulder strap, battered leather, bought for me by my good lady), AND it carries a small(ish) laptop and as many pens as I like (if I fish around it generally has a few biros and a marker or two). It also has all my vehicle key sets (petrolhead), passport (hidden(ish) compartment) and my Leatherman PST. Oh, and an LED torch (winter nights), antihistamine spray (from a camping trip). It has also been covetously admired by ladies on more than one occasion… Plus, it looks okay/fits the vibe when I’m riding my motorbike, can carry chargers/batteries for whatever kit I’m toting, hip flask 4x pint bottles of ale (obviously that’s an either or with the laptop!). It also means my wallet automatically goes with me if I grab my bag.

It really is the insane change that kills my wallets, every time! It still does but my man-bag catches the fallout.

I too have been looking for a decently optimised wallet for years. They used to be easy to find, but fashion has moved on to less practical designs.
Like several other posters I’m in the UK where having somewhere to put your coins is important.

Wallets here either have somewhere for coins, but only a few slots for cards - or lots of card slots but no coin pouch - what gives?

I recently found a compromise - 5 card clots, but the wallet overall is slightly larger so you can get several cards in each slot comfortably. Then it has a little, buttoned, coin pouch - and two, whole length, pockets for notes and receipts.
I bought two, just so I’m sorted for next time too!

Even as we’ve moved increasingly more toward digital thus there’s much less a need for carrying paper currency, I’ve found that I do carry a lot of more bulky plastic in my wallet now. I’m having a tough time reducing the contents as much as many of my friends. Mine wallet is manageable, but it’s closer to the Costanza than I’d like…

What with driver’s license, blood donor card, credit card, debit card (which I only use for making deposits), insurance card, library card (it’s just across the street, so yes, I actually do use it), daycare card (authorizes me to retrieve my kiddo), and the requisite wallet-sized photo of said kiddo, and a business card that’s quite a collection. All of that is accompanied by a few bucks (I always like to carry a little paper money) and receipts, which get cleared out at the end of each day or so.

Seems risky to be sitting on your wallet. Won’t it warp all your cards?

In any event, I’d have thought the back pocket was the least safe place for a wallet.

I used to use a standard leather wallet. When I switched to a folded paper wallet (made from a single 8.5x11 sheet), the size of my wallet shrunk, so that a fully loaded paper wallet was thinner than my empty leather wallet. Unfortunately, the paper wallets lack durability.

Currently, I’m using a 1/4 binder clip to hold my cards, which make up the majority of stuff I want to carry in my wallet.

How, how did you miss this one, HOW I ASK YOU?

You want a geek wallet, you go to the guys who make geek, chic.

I’ve had an All-Ett now for about 8 months, and I’ve been very, very happy with it. I sprung for the leather version it, so it’s slightly thicker than the one you showed, but honestly, it’s a wallet, and it has totally cut down my pocket size by a fair margin. I could try a different one, but if this works, dot-matrix or not, I’m happy!

Here in the UK you simply can’t live without coins. Most vending machines don’t take notes, so you can’t for example pay for parking without several pounds worth of shrapnel on you.

The smallest note is a fiver anyway, so even if you can feed it into the machine it will only spit a load of metal change back at you. To make matters even worse most machines don’t take anything less than a 10p coin, and every shop prices every god damn item at £X.99 so you end up with millions of pennies.

Worse still, when you have to pay the asshats their 78p you waste loads of time finding as close as possible to exact change, slowing the queue down. Stick to round numbers, damn it!

They should just get rid 1p and 2p coins, maybe even 5p as well. Why they made the pound coins so thick and heavy I don’t know, but it seems to be some kind of Europe wide fetish as the €1 coins are the same.

We need a system of electronic cash like the Suica system in Japan. Saying that I got my current 8+ year old wallet from Muji, and it has a coin purse built in.

Additional: the Suica card has the added benefit of not needing to be actually removed from your wallet to use it - just brush the wallet over the payment pad. A lot people just use a little card older on a small chain for them.

Oh, and some mobile phones have it built in too, charges come on your monthly bill.

The cards store your transaction history, so it’s easy to download to a computer and claim back tax on your expenses.

Why not? Because I have stuff to do during the days.

Wow, only one guy with a bag?

I only have my cellphone in a front pocket. Everything else goes in the bag, this usually includes my wallet obviously, and pens, earbuds, eeepc, a4 sized notebook (paper), a 0.5 liter bottle of water and often a book i’m reading.

(btw, it’s a messenger bag from freitag (http://www.freitag.ch))

I don’t carry a wallet. I have my bank card, driving licence and my teacher’s union card in a metal slipcase I bought while on an aeroplane years ago.

It’s aluminium, doesn’t bend and has a maximum thickness. Can’t stand carrying pockets of junk around with me, plus I need room for my phone and other electronic stuff :wink:

Seems risky to be sitting on your wallet. Won’t it warp all your cards?

In any event, I’d have thought the back pocket was the least safe place for a wallet.

I second that. I keep my wallet in my left front pocket.

A wallet? Ha! I just stick everything I need in my pocket. And stay away from coins. Coins are pretty much the bane of my existence.

Be still, my beating geek heart!


I carry a telescoping pen in my pocket with my notebook (this is GTD 101). The pen brand appears to be Zebra and I bought it in a pack of 2 at OfficeMax or Office Depot for about $6 iirc.