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PC Pinball Sims


Goddamn you… goddamn you all to hell

sighs and starts downloading all the tables he’s ever played

That’s a LOT you know - I have a Lucky Ju Ju near me.

Damn you!!!


Has any seen/reviewed/played “Dream Pinball 3D”.

It’s not as smooth as Pro-Pinball’s TimeShock which is IMHO still the best PC-pinball ever. Pinball Dreams on the Amiga was fun but TS still looks gorgeous today and plays better with every PC-generation. I can now play this stunning table on today’s hardware (Q6600,2GB and Raden X1950pro) at fantastic resolution with all eyecandy (probably not the best term to desribe the few gfx options) at full settings.

Anyway to stay on track. It has no antialiasing on the chrome ellements like TS but it has 7 camera views. Including one which follows the ball!!! I dunno what kinda hardware you need to get that running smooth but maybe someone can tell me.




Pinball Fantasies for DOS was an amazing technical feat. They managed smooth-scrolling, never-a-frame-dropped, plus real sound out of a PC speaker, all on a 386.


Does anyone know where to get a copy of TSUMERA Pinball by the Lingo company?



Has anyone played the Two Worlds pinball demo? The balls change from steel to marble to gold, etc., giving them different mass and reaction. I don’t know if the final game ever came out, but the demo is pretty damn good. Physics are pretty nice. Great graphics. It’s definitely the best pinball sim I’ve played since the ProPinball ones. If you haven’t checked it out. Try it.

I didn’t get much out of Future Pinball. Tried several of the tables, and they were mostly crap.

Sad… you’d think a pinball sim would be cake to program compared to, you know, GTAIV or something. I’d think you could make a profit even if just a few thousand fans bought it. I’d certainly pony up.


Sorry… I just noticed EPDM asked basically the same question. Dream Pinball 3D is the same thing as the Two Worlds pinball demo, I think, only fleshed out with more tables.

Like EPDM, I’d be curious to know if anyone’s played it.


What about Crystal Caliburn(?) and Loony Labyrinth?


Van If you want to develop your own PC pinball game I would start by downloading PCS pinball which includes the source code in turbo pascal. You can find the game by entering pcs pinball in any search engine.



Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, mentioned multiple times in the comments above, are available in remastered HD versions on the iOS app stores, which is nice :wink:

Also! Timeshock Ultra, the HD remake of Timeshock, is available as well and it’s great!