PDC05: I'm only there for the chicks

Courtesy of my employer, I have the privilege of attending this year's Professional Developers Conference.

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AHHHH… booth babes!! Nice!! :slight_smile:

Just to be crystal clear on this, I was joking! See the “Steve” and “Bruce” links in the post for more.

No, that would be figuratively, damn it.

That depends on your definition of “around the corner”, so I ain’t changing it.

“the watershed release of VS.NET 2005 and SQL Server 2005 is literally right around the corner” No, that would be figuratively, damn it.

AHHHH… booth babes!! Nice!! :slight_smile:

Enjoy PDC you lucky dog. Keep the PDC blog entries coming for us devs that had to stay home.


Maria Klawe presented some sobering facts - computer science is the only field in science and engineering where participation of women has gone down over the last 25 years

Which makes you wonder what the other fields are doing right…?

There were chicks there? I only saw you! However, it was great to see you there.

There were chicks there?

Yes, a few! And I was all like “who let them in here?!”

Be strong, my brother.