Quick and Dirty Internet Connection Troubleshooting

So I had a few bandwidth issues recently, which you can see in the six-month alexa traffic graph for this domain.

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Excellent post. I was looking exactly for this. There are many complaints that Comcast is slow as dial-up during peak hours, a href="http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15556763"http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15556763/a . I’m going to use pingplotter to see if it’s true.

For first one, I use DU Meter and it’s great. Seems that their features are same.

I updated the post with the results of nearly 24 hours pinging download.com at 60 second intervals. And I added a few other sites as well.

This indicates there’s some kind of serious network problem from about 8pm to 11:30pm…

Hi and thanks for the tips, most people don’t give a second thought to the latency issues pertaining to the 3 main things i have considered.

  1. The quality of your ISP ( ie how many connections/pipe )

  2. Quality of your own system
    ( age, make model, mainly software you run and overall effeciency )

  3. The age and reliability of your phone socket + line and carrier.
    ( it could be as simple as the age of the exposed line into your home )

All things considered, i have been searching for diagnostic tools like ping plotter for my ISP Tech to have a look at.

Now i know this is not my forum or page, but i also offer the following advice pertaining to slow or laggy connections.

  1. ATF Cleaner ( avaiable from atribune.org ) is like very fast to download and very efficient cleaner, cleans up all the temps in windows including prefetch and Java Cashe, also has a second meny for Fire Fox users or Opera depending on your browser preference.

  2. Run ATF Cleaner before running your Anti spy virus software, 10 times faster and more effecient on those hard to get rid of bugs.

  3. If you run an older PC, consider what you are running that you can close off, mainly programs that run in the task bar. Usually half of these come on at start up and will never be used, close as many as you can leaving your Anti Virus Anti Spyware programs running.

  4. Purchase more RAM for your PC, most older computers don’t even run enough onboard memory by half.
    for examply Windows Users need to consider a minimum of 512mb of ram. I wonder how many people actually have even given this a second thought since they purchased the computer 5 years ago ?

  5. Last but never least, critical you will need to make back-ups and consider clean installing your Operating System, in most cases this is simply a matter of using your copy of windows to do a clean install of the operating system ( consider asking for professional help on this )