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Rediscovering Arcade Nostalgia


Can’t believe how cheap the Crazy Climber machine appears to go for on Ebay according to the link in the post.


Check out Systm’s episodes where they build a custom full sized MAME cabinet from scratch.



I followed almost every link in that article - must take you ages to hyperlink it all!


OK, time for a spot quiz. Which arcade game would say (among other things):

“Warrior need food badly!”?


Someday, I hope to own a “Pin-Bot” pinball game! Maybe for my 20th anniversary present - screw the diamonds!


That would be Gauntlet!


Love the guy in the first picture! “Talk to the computer” - ha. They act like it’s really easy to learn BASIC. I’ve done a fair amount of programming with QBASIC on MS-DOS in my day and it ain’t child’s play, let me tell you.


Hey Jeff, check out my pet project Mamesaver. http://mamesaver.sourceforge.net/ It’s runs MAME games as a screensaver…

Actually you could even help me out with it as I’ve had nobody with multiple screens to tell me how it responds and if I need to fix anything in that area…


The Competition Pro was the only Joystick that I ever returned to the shops; In it’s day it was the most solid joystick ever, but I couldn’t get the hang of it, instead prefering the quickshot 1 and 2 (Turbo) with the fire buttons on the handle.

Jin: you’re so right. Thru the 80’s and early 90’s. ahh memories.

  • Lee


An Atari 2600 BASIC Programming cartridge! I never knew that they existed.

I had a Atari 2600 in 1981, bought by my father (for himself initially) and loved it :slight_smile: Miner 49 was brilliant!

  • Lee


you know what i miss? the subculture formed by arcade games than the games themselves. sure i miss the games as many others listed here. but i long for the days when you step in an arcade, put your quarter on the streetfighter cabinet… waiting for your turn to reign supreme… it was personal and intimate. an arcade was a place where you can submerge yourself in a world far far away from school, work… a place where people share your same interest.

there’s nothing more satisfying maintaining a 100 wining streak. i wish console online play would simulate the old “tokens on the cabinet” look…



What about actually going to play arcade games in your own backyard (ok, you know it’s more my backyard than yours): www.ujuju.com?



Crazy Climber lives. One of the other developers on my team and I still frequently use the phrase “Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!”


Was this supposed to be a joke? Where I live we didn’t even have computers before late 90’s. I know a TON of gamerZ who are dumb as hell and won’t program ever.


I also had the atari programming cartridge…I remebered the 63 characters… migrating to VIC20 was tremendous improvement…3,5 kb of ram and tape recorder!


LOL. Kill screens. I remember my father’s frustration when he was playing Tetris in Windows 3.1.

His very high score suddenly becomes negative when it exceeds 32767, thus frustrating him because he can go much much higher than that.


It’s sad that it is so difficult to get a good, simple joystick these days. PC game pads and those flight sticks don’t play Ms. Pac Man on MAME very well.

P.S. Drool. Drool. I want that PAC MAN sticker. How geeky is that.