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Revisiting Programming Fonts


Consolas is great but it doesn’t work over RDP to XP or Win2003 (Clear Type doesn’t work). Yes, Vista will display Clear Type, but the performance of Vista via RDP doesn’t compare with the snap of XP/Win2003. I do a lot of dev work inside of VPC/VS and typically connect via RDP. Leaning towards monico to fill that need.


Consolas certainly does its job pretty darn well.
Went so far as copying the font from Windows 7(home OS) to XP (work OS). But I always resize it to 8.

I’ve also customized the foreground color of the programming IDE (talking about the Delphi 6/7 one). Can’t stand some of their standard colors.

Greetings from Romania,


It doesn’t look like PL/SQL to me if it’s not in Courier. But thanks for the Consolas hint (I’m 3 years late, but nonetheless I just noticed it last week for the first time).


Hi Jeff, what do you think, as of 2015, is the most recommend font for programming? I use Source Code Pro (by Adobe, open source) and it’s pretty good.


Meanwhile, 13 year olds like me use a bitmap font editor to create their own personalized fonts.

In my opinion proportional fonts are ugly, and monospaced fonts are beautiful. The font in the picture is 6*12 and is named Custom Font, which is made by me and is my favorite font. My favorite vector font is Consolas, but it doesn’t work well in low resolutions.