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Revisiting Programming Fonts



Thanks to the link above (which I found via del.icio.us), I started using Triskweline (at size 10) a few weeks ago. I really like it so far; it’s very clean.


DejaVu Sans Mono… which I use… is perfect for me! Looks awesome in VIM, and Eclipse too!


Have you tried Terminus? It’s a fantastic monospace font - really easy on the eyes for long hours at the screen.



@David Markel

I fell your pain with SQL Enterprise manager, and other parts of the client tools. Why do I have to feel like I’m using Win95 while working with MSSQL?

  1. Turn off antialias.
  2. Install terminus.
  3. Rinse and repeat.


Love the comments about Enterprise Manager! Even MySQL has a better interface and that is open source! MS really needs to do something bout that.

Back on the topic, quite frankly I like Courier New alot (I am typing in courier new as we speak). I use it all day baby!


No fixedsys love?

In VS I have always found that fixedsys (which there’s a TTF version of floating around out there) just draws me back every time … Consolas I use for just about every other monospaced need, but in Visual Studio it’s fixedsys every time.

As for colors – I prefer dark/midnight blue background with white text.


Okay, I’m a freak. I admit that. - Of the fonts here I agree, Consolas is the way to go, but I don’t always want monospace fonts. I also like Lucida Console (which someone mentioned before), but I’m a very large fan of Verdana, yes Verdana. For Code. Honest.


Franklin Gothic Medium , light colors on black is what I use, love it. easy on the eys.


I have found that the “best” font varies greatly between machines (of course), but also between apps on the same machine. The font that looks good in Notepad2 looks awful in UltraEdit, for example.


Try TheSans Mono from Lucas Fonts. Not free, but worth it. You also probably need to convert it to TTF before it starts displaying properly on screen.

Consolas was designed by Lucas Fonts, and has some essence of TheSans Mono.


Inconsolata looks all washed out and inconsistent on my Windows machine. The Mac screenshot on the site makes it look much better, though.

Monospace fonts are pointless nowadays anyway, though. Do your eyes a favor and use a real font.


Just for your information, in case you like it. There is another fine console font available for free from Raize Software

However, with the event of Consolas, I think it’s days are counted, Consolas really beats any console font out there. I love it too!


Try the coder font “DINA”




I shit you not Jeff, my co-worker about 3 cubicles over uses Comic Sans in Visual Studio. He claims it’s easier to read… :open_mouth:


Inconsolata is a coding font designed to look good in print (at high resolution). In fact, much of its subtlety is only apparent when printed out at 300dpi or higher. This is clearly somewhat of a niche font.

I find nothing beats Vera Sans Mono for my purposes, which involves a lot of real time programming in C. Vera Sans Mono is a monospace font that reads much like a proportional font. It has compact character spacing, but is more legible for me than any of the other fonts shown above. I’ve spent too much time trying these and many more. Vera Sans Mono seems to have a slightly larger x-height, which may be what gives it the edge over Consolas.

Good text editors allow different fonts to be specified for screen and print. Try setting screen to Vera Sans Mono or Consolas and print to Inconsolata.


Amen to Franklin Gothic Medium!

Jeff - Here’s a screenshot of your code in FGM:


i use bitstream vera sans mono for everything–fixed font emails in thunderbird, code in visual studio, securecrt terminals and textpad come to mind. i just love the zero in that font.

and since you are bringing up fonts and colors again, jeff, can you possibly change your blog colors to be white text on a black background? not pure black or pure white of course (hardocp.com hurts my eyes after reading one article), but something besides what you have now? that would be just swell.


Fixedsys 10


I’m actually a fan of the X11 classic 6x13 fixed font. My monitors have big enough pixels that it works rather well for me.