Road Warrior Revisited

I've been traveling a bit more lately, which reminded me to update my list of recommended laptop travel accessories.

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Do you use a CablesToGo retractable cable kit? Because I have one of those, and it works so poorly I’d consider it junk. The cables never seem to retract properly, even on day one.

Hey Jeff,

I’ve been considering a bluetooth Logitech mouse for my similarly configured laptop. Was there a reason you didn’t go for bluetooth?


Do you use a CablesToGo retractable cable kit?

I’ve used zip-linq cables for the most part. Is there another kit you recommend?

I’ve been considering a bluetooth Logitech mouse

None of the laptops I’ve owned so far had bluetooth-- but that’s definitely the way to go if you have it!

54mbs over the air is pretty fast

You never really GET 54MBit, though, in the real world. And even if you did, it’s 1/2 the speed of a wired connection.

But for low bandwidth networking, you’re right-- wireless is fine. I like to have both options when I’m travelling.

Why not setup an adhoc wireless network when you need to network multiple pcs on the go? 54mbs over the air is pretty fast… you can even go with something pre-N and get around 100mbs.

No wireless mice for me: I just forget them way too easily. Just pack your stuff in a hurry, or answer someone’s question while packing… and say bye-bye to your mouse! That obviously never happens with a good old wired mouse :wink:

Hmm, I just noticed that in addition to the death-star like external Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G adapter…

There’s the more-portable external USB version that still offers flexible repositioning (eg, aiming) and a decent 5db signal boost:

I love these external USB wireless adapters because you can pull in signals you’d have absolutely no hope of getting with a traditional internal WiFi antenna.

I also add in power cord (funny but I’ve forgotten it before), iPod, good book, and Pass2Go (

Here’s a complete list of Zip-Linq cables, including new retractable power cables as well