See You at CUSEC 2008

I have the distinct honor of speaking at this year's CUSEC, which runs from today until Saturday.

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Well, when you get bored of the curling, come to pub!

Come on,how disastrous could your talk be? You have a blog for goodness sake and shouldn’t have any problem expressing yourself.

Ah crap, I wish I had known that. Would have loved to see you speak, to me you are one of the few pragmatic guys with the passion for state-of-the-art without being tainted by corporate interests and that makes you a whole lot more interesting than many others. Anyway, while you are here, don’t forget to taste the local beers, an unfiltered Raftman from Chambly for instance. Good luck with the talk.

I’ve been chair of CUSEC 2004 and I have to admit that I totally agree with their choice of keynote speakers, yourself included. Our goal when organizing CUSEC is to gather people WE’d like to hear. Spolsky, Parnas, Kruchten, Beck are others we had the honor to listen in the past years. Since codinghorror becomes more and more popular among software engineering people (and personnaly since Kathy Sierra stopped bloging, another respected speaker in the human factors field), I would have put you on top of my list either.

Looking forward to listen to your speech.

What !
Joel Spolsky has his own entry in wikipedia, and there would be no Jeff Atwood entry ?

+1 for me

Unless of course Jeff does not agree…


Too bad I can’t actually attend the conference. Oh, well, I just hope somebody uploads transcripts.

Jeff, if all you wanted was an entry in Wikipedia, why didn’t you just say so? I’m sure your readers will be honored to take part in such a brief entry. j/k, :smiley:

Looking forward to your keynote, definitely. Enjoy Canada, I certainly did so much that I revisited Montreal three more times before saying enough’s enough.

Wish we had more talks related to this one(for students) in the States more often.

Welcome to Canada, I really hope you enjoy your stay up here.

I do miss Montreal… enjoy your time there.

Curling is surprisingly interesting if you watch for a while. Particularly good on a Sunday morning with a hang-over.

Obviously I’m Canadian, but I’ve never curled!

Canadian cities look the way American cities do on television.

Err, you do realise that most American TV shows set in America are filmed in Vancouver and Toronto? :slight_smile:

I’ll just hide over here in the corner, shall I?

What are you going to talk about. I mean anything specific?

Ugh. If I had known about CUSEC I would not have bothered with CUTC in Toronto last weekend. CUSEC looks to be about four thousand times more interesting! Any chance there might be a video of your keynote made available?

Why didn’t you announce this earlier? I’m down in Toronto and I would have loved to come see the show (I am a comp sci student, but had no idea this conference existed).
Bit too late to drive down now - but I wish you the best and can’t wait to see how it went.
Better late then never, theres always next year :slight_smile:

The student chapter of ACM at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign runs a computing conference in October every year called Reflections|Projections. It’s not specifically a software engineering conference, but it’s got the same types of speakers, a 48-hour programming contest, and other stuff.
It’s not a national thing, but it’s pretty well attended by students from Midwest schools.

So what, exactly, is CUSEC?

It’s also a play on the french idiom ‘cul sec’ for bottoms up (literally ‘dry ass’)

So, for those of us too close to the subject, what exactly is the Canadian perspective on life?

Don’t worry, no one understands curling, not even us canucks.

And yet, when you stumble across it on tv, it is strangely hypnotizing…

what exactly is the Canadian perspective on life?

Mainly that there are other countries in the world. I can’t speak for all my fellow Americans, of course, but many of them seem to think the world literally ends at the US border.

Can you speak canadian?!?

Tell me about it. Some trickster added a different language to all the signs and changed all the units to metric!